December 8, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

In the third year of Anti-Trump hysteria – from the DNC purchased “Russian Dossier” to the FBI “Insurance Policy” to the setup of Trump campaign supporters so as to request FISA wiretaps and then engage in more widespread monitoring of the Trump presidential campaign, to the Mueller “Investigation” and on to “Impeachment” — the underlying pretext of all these activities is that somehow, some way, Hillary Clinton not only should have been elected – but, by extension, would have been a better president!

Such is insanity.  Somehow, despite all of the clearly established facts of her repeated, unrepentant, and blatant criminal behavior – including feloniously using her government office as Secretary of State for self-enrichment, hiding the audit trail by refusing to employ mandatory government communications, and feloniously destroying all official records and the devices and hard drives that were used to create and store them, and, despite this “in-your-face – the-law-doesn’t-apply-to-me” attitude — Hillary would be preferable to Trump?

Any sentient citizen can see that Hillary is the ultimate swamp creature – above the law – again and again, time after time, and crime after crime, yet somehow (again that word of amazement) the media not only ignores the truth about her malfeasance, but suppresses it, and instead, deliberately misinforms and twists and spreads rumors, suppositions, and hearsay as facts to attack President Trump.  Adding to their collective infamy, the lamestream media attack any and all who attempt to point out their blatant biases.

Please recall:  While leveraging her position as Secretary of State, the “Bill and Hill” Clinton Foundation took in hundreds of millions in foreign contributions – under the public pretense that the “foundation” would use those millions for good works.  Yet in reality, less than 10% of the millions taken in were used for good works as promised, while 90 cents of every dollar was used to pay generous salaries, first-class travel, and the high-style living of the fortunate few family and friends who actually held “positions” in the scam.  Ask the Haitians how much “help” they received from the Clinton Foundation – the lead organization for Haitian relief… during Madam Secretary’s reign at State.

Or, if we want to learn more about “Russian Interference” … Let’s see?  After Vladimir Putin’s folks paid tens of millions into the Clinton Foundation, the Hillary State Department greenlighted (steamrolled) the “sale” of one-fifth of America’s uranium deposits to Vladimir Putin’s Russia. These uranium deposits are on US soil – not in some other country.  Sshhh!  We were not supposed to notice.  And thus there was no hint in our vaunted media about maybe “pay-for-play?”

Amb. Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith were killed at a U.S. outpost on September 11, 2012 while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state

And let’s never consider her sordid role in the deaths of our ambassador and his defenders in Libya – denying again and again additional protective resources.  Or that she and her boss at the White House set the entire North African Littoral aflame with rebellion — disrupting stern but stable regimes who tamped down Islamic terrorism — and then turned their backs.  This “brilliant” team didn’t even have the sense to position a US carrier battle group in the Eastern Mediterranean, while they high-fived to the world – including the Muslim Terrorist  world – that Bin Laden was dead – during the very important anniversary of the deadly 9-11 attacks – as if symbolism wasn’t important to those who would destroy us….  Brave men died for such hubris.

How could any honest person want Hillary Clinton to lead our nation and still hold the belief that “no person is above the law” in our country?  Heaven help us.  The media won’t.

Old Frank

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  1. Spot on, Old Frank;

    Had our forefathers not had the foresight in instigating the Electoral College, Hilary would have trashed the Constitution by now; we would be a Depression that would make the 1930’s look like a recession; our troops would be sitting ducks; the Second Amendment and free speech would be lying in some ditch; there would be no wall and an open border; the stock market would have closed its doors; and, if you had a dog, you would’ve eaten it by now, just as roving gangs would had eaten all the animals in the zoos.

    The USA would have morphed into another Venezuela, with the survival of the fittest, but not before the cops would have been ordered to confiscate the guns from honest-law-biding citizens.

    In the military it’s what we would call an illegal order, but the cops would execute such an order for fear of losing their job.

    So, which is worse: losing your job or your country?

    You know what I say, Frank?

    I say, “Lock her up!”