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by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 22, 2019) — On Tuesday night’s “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity told House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes that his sources have told him that the statements of witnesses House Democrats have called upon to testify behind closed doors as part of their “impeachment inquiry” of the president do not support the narrative of a “quid pro quo.”

Since September 24, Washington, DC has been consumed with Democrats’ claim that President Trump committed an impeachable offense in the form of a “quid pro quo” in a July 25 phone call with the newly-elected president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.  The inquiry was allegedly launched after a government “whistleblower” complained to House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr about the content of the phone call based on second-hand information.

Schiff, who first appeared to have no knowledge of the complaint, was later forced to admit that members of his staff interacted with the whistleblower about his alleged concerns before it became public approximately a month ago.

The whistleblower claimed that when Trump asked Zelenskiy to look into former putative Vice President Joseph Biden’s involvement in having a former Ukrainian chief prosecutor fired in March 2016, he was placing undue pressure on Zelenskiy to grant Trump’s request for a “favor.”

The same day Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the “impeachment inquiry,” the White House released a transcript of the call prepared by members of the “White House Situation Room.”

Trump’s demand of Zelenskiy negatively impacted national security, the whistleblower wrote in a five-page letter replete with detailed footnotes which many believe was written by attorneys.   The complainant is represented by a law firm which had encouraged government employees to come forward about activity within the Trump administration.

Testimony from witnesses at the “secret” hearings Schiff has been holding over the last two weeks has been selectively leaked, Nunes said, resulting in “narratives” being “built.”  Nunes claimed that in 2016 the Ukrainians worked with the Democrats to “oppose Donald Trump as a candidate.” He said Trump sent his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to gather information as to how and where the “Steele dossier,” paid for by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign through a private firm, Fusion GPS, originated.

Rather than Russia, some Republicans, including Nunes, have said the compilation of unverified claims about Trump and Russia was obtained by Democrats in Ukraine.

Hannity said his sources have reported that “every single witness has debunked this notion of a quid quo pro” and expressed disbelief as to recent reports from Republicans that they have been denied the ability to call witnesses, obtain transcripts, and to read the transcripts without a Democrat “minder” present.

“That is unprecedented,” Nunes said.  “Tradition has been Republicans and Democrats get the tapes and get the transcripts.”

Nunes described the hearings as “a slow-motion crazy train that’s going into impeachment fantasy-land looking for the Loch Ness monster.”  He said the witnesses have caused Democrats to become “more and more upset” since their testimony reportedly does not support Democrats’ narrative.

The media is reporting the opposite, particularly in the case of Acting U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Bill Taylor on Tuesday.

Nunes criticized the State Department for appearing ignorant of the extent to which Ukraine reportedly worked against the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

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  1. “I am thankful there are people who will not give up, but they are denied and/or ignored again and again. They are America heroes……”

    That is so true. Many of our GOP politicians have obviously been co-opted by the Communists either through blackmail or bribery. They get elected, go off to congress and get involved in sex or bribery scandals . . so now they do the bidding of their Communist handlers.

  2. 2discern,
    Thanks for the compliment on my comment. I have lots of practice over the years since Barry the usurper was sworn-in…I just make modifications for current events…….and, try to remain hopeful that what you stated in the last sentence of your comment will happen…..soon.

  3. Well said Bob68. The only way this will ever come to light is the AG & assigned (Durham) to include in their findings the scam of 2008 Barry Soetero. The Zullo facts have not been presented officially. The CIA media controls all talking points.

    No outlet of media will jump on the “story” of the century. That includes Hannity of FOX who consistently & negligently states he vetted Barry. The scam on America is still ongoing. The Brennan installation of Barry is the crime against our Republic. The effort to divert, distract, deceive and dissolve the rule of law is paramount to protecting the Demorats. Evil has been made visibly overt, obvious, and intentional. May God intercede with righteousness to prevail.

  4. IMO the only way to silence the many criminals who are complicit in the installation of the Deep State puppet, identity fraud, con-artist Barack Hussein Obama as America’s putative president and its now panicked 12 plus year cover-up is to fully expose and act on the truth about Barry. No talking head will mention this in the never ending “new” details of the coup attempt to remove President Trump from office obtained by their investigations, new discoveries and “breaking news”. Instead, they look at each other and talk about how puzzled they are that President Trump is being gone after in such an insane, frenzied way. Even the MSM news, which slammed the “birthers” for years over their valid claims that Obama is ineligible and an identity fraud, are now quiet on this issue. Maybe that’s because they have known for years they were the ones who refused to see The Obama Fraud and /or actually wanted what they believed Obama’s usurpation would do to America. They do not want to bring up a subject which has been proven right, even as a tool to slam President Trump. They observed what happen over the years of Obama and even if the outcome wasn’t just what they thought it would be or they wanted, it’s not possible for them to admit to being complicit in the HUGE crime committed in the installation of Obama and it’s still on-going cover-up without severe penalties and a total loss of any credibility they have left……. If there were any real justice which is not corrupt and/or afraid of the truth. Those complicit in The Obama Fraud see the only way out for them to be “safe” is to remove President Trump from office.…..and they will not stop trying. Hillary’s failure to be elected as the after Obama cover was to them an unthinkable “mistake” that must be corrected…NOW.

    As I have said for many years, the possibility of anyone with the power to do so openly acting on fully revealing Obama’s usurpation after he was allowed and assisted by Congress, both parties and many others without objection in 2009 to be sworn-in, and they became complicit in giving America’s government and her military to the enemy and/or its still on-going cover-up ……is impossible. I am thankful there are people who will not give up, but they are denied and/or ignored again and again. They are America heroes……

    It’s way past time for fully revealing and acting on the truth about Barry, and if that does not happen IMO America’s Constitutional Republic is done and the Deep State/Globalist win….forever. Something relatively simple at its core has been made so complex and convoluted it may eventually just fade away…………the intended result for all complicit in The Obama Fraud………….