Cob, Shire, Draught and Clydesdale- All but Gone!


October 20, 2019

Photo: Wikipedia, Shire Horse

Dear Editor,

All those throwing up their arms in shock and horror and shrieking to the heavens over unwanted/end-of-racing-life purebred horses going to the knackery legitimately and humanely (ending high-protein for household pets, racing-greyhounds, zoo animals, etc,) need spare a thought or two for those gone or almost gone, so wonderful noble horse breeds contributing so much to every modern-day Australian’s very existence!

Hundreds of thousands of “race” horses not only actually exist, but live very cosseted (compared to most other wild and domestic animals) lives because of the horse-racing industry!

I ask of all the shrieking arm-wavers (including leather-shoe-wearing, etc. protesting vegans), where are the hundreds of thousands of racehorse-level, cosseted cob, draught, Shire and Clydesdale horses today?

All those great noble war, Cobb & Co coach, plow, cart/dray, canal barge, bread, milk, road-making machinery-pulling, etc.  horses? By far, far  in the main…gone (in the main, to the knackery)!

So all Australians, please, bless the horse-life-giving/sustaining Australian horse-racing industry (but make sure any such noble animals ending up as horse meat meet their end humanely)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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