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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2019

Image credit: azboomer at Pixabay

(Oct. 15, 2019) — In contemplating how to begin this post, your faithful servant eventually focused on two quotes which seem to capture the toxicity of the present political atmosphere in the nation.

The first quote comes from over two centuries ago, during the period leading up to the Revolutionary War: “These are the times that try men’s souls…”  So wrote Thomas Paine in the first of 13 pamphlets collectively known as “The American Crisis” in the lead-up to the Revolutionary War.  The pamphlets were assembled in an effort to instill courage and fortify resolve in the Revolutionary Colonists, preparing them for the inevitable battles that would sever the ties with Great Britain.

The second quote comes from the purported “suicide” note written by Vince Foster, former Clinton Administration Deputy White House Counsel and confidant of Hillary Rodham Clinton, describing Washington, D.C.: “Here, ruining people is considered sport.”  If Foster’s observation was true in 1993, when he wrote it, today his words might be updated and revised: “Here, ruining people is considered sport, but thereafter mutilating their corpses qualifies as an Olympic event.”

These two quotes, it is submitted, define precisely the motivating goals of the single-target pogrom now being waged by the Democrats in Congress – chiefly in the House – directed at the duly-elected president of the nation, Donald Trump.  Against the backdrop of the Deep State’s manifest revulsion and hatred for the president, it would appear that the biggest mistake he has made since taking office was to have underestimated the breadth and depth of the “Swamp” and failed to appreciate the volume, ferocity and venomous nature of the deceit, corruption and treachery residing within the DNA of the Deep State creatures inhabiting said swamp.  If that underestimation qualified as a “high crime and misdemeanor,” then Trump should resign before sundown today.

The latest example of the treachery being unleashed upon President Trump as justification for an “impeachment inquiry” is the so-called “whistleblower” [sic: “leaker”] complaint regarding a purported “quid pro quo” phone call he had with now-Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.  The anonymous “whistleblower” complaint now being entertained by the House Intelligence [sic] Committee under Chairman Adam Schiff is beyond laughable and displays many of the same earmarks of the fraudulent “Steele Dossier” that festered at the core of Robert Mueller’s fiasco that was supposedly the “be-all-end-all” of Trump’s presidency.  Not so much.

Even Schiff now seeks to alter the rules to focus on “coercion” rather than “quid pro quo.”  He seems warm to allowing the “whistleblower” to avoid testifying in person at all by submitting his “testimony” in writing or perhaps not testifying at all.  Who cares about the right to confront one’s accusers: we’re hunting Trump here!

Senator Rand Paul cogently points out that in addition to the coercion (some might call it blackmail) Joe Biden practiced on Ukraine while he was Vice-President, his actions were not unlike the threats made by Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) last year while seeking information for the Mueller spasm.

So unhinged from reality and ignorant of the meaning of “high crimes and misdemeanors” under the Constitution are the House of Representative Democrats that they have launched into a faux-impeachment “inquiry” with the solitary goal of hobbling President Trump before the 2020 election.  They understand full-well that, even if they are able to get a majority vote to impeach the president, they will fail to get him removed from office by a two-thirds (i.e., 67 Senators) vote in the Senate.  Thus, it is painfully apparent that their fulminations and faux outrage over his actions is exclusively kabuki theater designed to keep the issue on the front pages of Goebbels-esque media outlets between now and the 2020 general election.  CNN will be leading the charge.

The Democrats’ purpose is to continue harassing him – aided and abetted by mainstream media apparatchiks that give the term “sycophancy” new meaning – so that, come November of 2020, he will appear politically wounded, fatigued and wrongfully exonerated by an evil U.S. Senate populated by aged white people.  The call will come forth, likely as an “October Surprise”: the electorate must right the wrong perpetrated by the Senate by ousting him from office at the ballot box.

How about this for an October Surprise?: Barack Hussein Obama II and his spouse, locking arms with Hillary Rodham Clinton (without Slick Willie), announce that they have buried their differences and, for the good of the nation, are forming a new foundation: “Rescue America!”  The foundation’s goal would be to “save” the nation from the calamity of a second Trump term by (a) urging people to reject Trump at the polls in November 2020 and (b) ensure limitless funding and protections for scores of new whistleblowers still skulking within the Deep State.

Speaking of October Surprises, given that the Democrats’ new whistleblower standard is “whatever one claims to have overheard in the lounge at The Mayflower Hotel or in one of the men’s room stalls at The Willard,” would the following hypothetical whistleblower complaint “surprise” anyone?  What if a complainant asserted:

“I overheard two people discussing a really radioactive topic, one that created an ‘urgent concern’ in my mind.  One guy said:

If anyone ever gets hold of the audio of the conference call among Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Mohamed Morsi that happened the week before the Benghazi attack, the whole thing would go thermonuclear.  There ain’t no statute of limitations on murder.

“The other guy said: ‘Whatta ya talkin’ about?’

What I mean is that the whole Benghazi attack was the result of a botched kidnapping scheme.’


“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Yeah, in order to bolster his chances of beating Romney in 2012, Obama and Clinton hatched a plan to allow Morsi’s henchmen to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens, hold him hostage for a few weeks, then release him in trade for the Blind Sheik just before the election.’  Stevens is rescued, Obama’s a hero and Clinton’s leadership secures her election as president in 2016.’

‘Are you serious?’

Serious as a stroke.  All the guards and Seals would be told to stand down to allow for the safe kidnapping of Stevens.  They didn’t count on the Seals doin’ the right thing tryin’ to protect Stevens.’

‘But… but… that’s crazy.  No way could that be proven.’

Yeah… until they also get their hands on a small sliver of the 30,000 deleted Clinton emails from that same period corroborating the plot and, after Stevens died, conspiring on how to spin the failure to deflect blame or suspicions away from them.’

‘But those emails were BleachBitted so that even God could not retrieve them.’

God don’t operate the Bumblehive, and don’t forgetMorsi’s dead now, too.

After a long silent pause, the second guy says: ‘Wow….’”

There is, in fact, little hope that the foregoing hypothetical, or one even close to it, will ever be proven.  There are some “conspiracy theories” which, even if supported by empirical facts, would if pursued reveal corruption and treachery so deep and vile that even the most dedicated prosecutors, special counsels and/or congressional committees would not venture anywhere near them.

This, of course, typifies the approach of the Deep State: deny that there is a problem; rely on the mainstream media to fortify that denial; and then marginalize, lampoon – and, if necessary, threaten – anyone who has the temerity to suggest otherwise.  Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”… right?

Ummmm… has anyone heard lately from U.S. Attorney John Durham?

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  1. Speaking of doing things to insure Obama won in 2012, here is my take on another effort to insure Barry won, although just having Romney as the Republican opposition was probably all that was need for Obama to win.

    There is much more on this, but here is something I posted at Gateway Pundit:
    My Post at GWP:

    I don’t believe Osama was killed in the raid on his compound as was reported. Too much for me to believe, considering Obama needed a big distraction to get his dropping poll numbers up after the BC issue with Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi’s new book, “Where’s the BC”. When I heard my TV being interrupted by the loud “breaking news” music I noticed my wife was watching Trump’s last show of, “The Apprentice”, and when I saw it was to announce the death of Osama I started counting coincidences. The networks choice to interrupt Trump’s final show of the season being number one. The last 30 minutes of the live show was wiped out, to be shown “later”. Then, there was tossing the body of “Osama” into the ocean quickly for several illogical reasons. The fact that John Brennan worked for months with Obama’s hand-picked Admiral Navy McRaven to prepare for this mission is still another red flag. Next, there were reports from witnesses at the compound, and at least one eye witness said the man with the shot-up face said to be Osama looked too young to be him. That was followed a few days later by a couple of news reports which I read saying Osama used, “Just for Men” hair coloring. The picture shown most often of Osama which was said to be taken at the compound was of a gray haired old man setting in a chair and watching TV, no “Just for Men”, looked to be present. It was taken from the rear and his face could not be seen, except a little from the side.
    Obama’s youngest son Hamza was said at the time to have been at the compound, but to have escaped. My initial thought was it was Hamza who was tossed in the ocean, and I am still not convinced that is not what happened. Several reliable sources reported that Osama had been dead for years before the claim of him being killed in the raid. Search, “Osama dead long before U.S. raid on compound”. Some of the reports seem very credible to me.
    I am not trying to prove anything, but my trust level in details of a raid planned by Obama and John Brennan at a time when Barry needed a boost to raise his poll numbers to insure his re-election and to take attention off his fake identity documents is very low…..and then there was the death of Seal Team 6….did they know too much and is that related to the helicopter crash that killed them? If I sound like a conspiracy theorist it’s because I have watched so many theories become reality.

  2. So … “no prosecutor in his right mind would try Hillary” … but that’s because they would not want to be suicided like Vince Foster.