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(Oct. 11, 2019) —[Editor’s Note:  The following was sent as an email to the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA), an individual at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and this writer containing the three attachments referenced in the email.  The Post & Email has reported on Story’s Shelby County, TN wrongful arrest and conviction from nearly 20 years ago extensively over the last year.]

I have been fighting a wrongful conviction concerning a false arrest, pro se, for years.

I have been getting mail from the TBA for years and I have repeatedly informed this organization to stop sending me material, because I am not a lawyer.

I am only fighting for my rights.

The Tennessee Attorney General has recently placed on its website concerning prosecuting those practicing law unauthorized in Tennessee.

I have already been falsely arrested by Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Chris Craft involving case #97-08560, and I am sending this information for my records.

I can’t stop this activity, but I can make a record of what I perceive is happening now.

The TBA sending letters to my home without my consent and the TAG making statements of arresting people for unauthorized law practicing seems mighty strange!

unautorized law

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  1. Mockery of justice is a passion in Tennessee Judiciary system and they love to play private games in order to taunt the citizens who are not aware of what’s happening to them!
    Then they go to church and try to fool God that they love this country and honor the quote, “Equal Justice Under The Law!”