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October 1, 2019

Photo: Wokandapix at Pixabay

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Here in the sleepy Virginia suburbs of our nation’s capital yet another pernicious hoax was perpetrated and later punctured by the truth.  A little black girl with dreadlocks who attends a Christian private school was on TV tearfully explaining that two white boys, fellow students at the school, had cut off some of her locks and made racial and hurtful slurs at her, implying that she didn’t belong in the school.  Wow!  What a “bombshell.”

For some of us, her somewhat “elaborate,” cookie-cutter details and retelling of the boys’ alleged comments seemed a bit too predictable and pat for a girl so young.  The local TV stations made this a number-one story for several days, and of course, the NAACP correctly demanded action and a thorough “investigation.” Thus the detectives were called in, and, sure enough, they soon determined that the poor girl had made up the story, and that the boys she named were innocent and were not to be thrown out of school in disgrace.

When this “story” was first reported over the news at breakfast, I told my dearest that it would likely turn out to be hoax, and I’m glad – and sad as well — to say I was right.

But, this morning we learn that the Christian school where this hoax was supposedly perpetrated is the same one at which Mrs. Pence, the wife of our vice president, teaches!  Hmmm!  While I am not a conspiracy theorist, one cannot avoid the odd coincidence here.  The Democrats are feverishly beavering to impeach the president – but as they know, doing so would put Mike Pence in the White House, not Hillary!  So, just maybe they want to invent some dirt to throw on the would-be first lady, just in case?

But, back to the dreadlocks hoax.  There are many REAL victims here, beginning with the little girl who reported the false tale.  She will be forever branded a horrid liar and untrustworthy.  That’s a whole lot for a little girl to endure.  And, what of the two white boys?  Had the truth of this false story not been discovered so soon, the boys would have been expelled and their families would likely have had to hire lawyers to protect their sons’ rights.  And the boys would have been vilified and stained forever as “racists!”  The Christian school would have been defamed as well and likely lose students because somehow, they had allowed two boys to hold racist thoughts.  And of course, by extension, the “news” stories would never have failed to mention that Mrs. Pence taught at this school…  

The ”Jussie” stuff is not victimless fun.  It is a crime against innocents who did no wrong and yet are threatened with ruination of their reputations and indelible, life-long scarring.  Enough!  Please, no more!

Old Frank

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