The Media Mantra for Today’s 9-11


September 11, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Today is a time for somber remembrance of fateful terror events that changed our nation……for a while.

On the ‘Today Show” this morning, they made mention of the terror attack and the heroic deeds of the first responders in New York and D.C. and of the self-sacrifice of the passengers on the flight over Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Each of those passengers were true Americans of the very best kind and worthy of our esteem and fondest remembrance.

But, missing from the NBC’s flagship “remembrance” was any mention of those who caused these horrific terrorist attacks….  Perhaps the folks at NBC felt that we have “moved on,” and that such mention would now be beneath us – because we have become more mindful that not all of the Muslim world is to blame.

But, that’s not how I feel — yet.  I remember being glued to the TV, watching in disbelief and frustration and growing rage as our buildings fell and folks leapt to their deaths to avoided burning to death — and after a mere hour or so, my TV showed that throughout the Muslim world there was cheering in the streets. Women in hijabs were ululating in their unique way, and little kids were rejoicing and being given candy and other sweets. AK-47s were being fired into the air to celebrate….to celebrate WHAT, exactly?  And in the days that followed the horror and insult, there was crowing by Muslim “leaders” in the Middle East and veiled threats about weapons of mass destruction that they might possess.

Immediately after the terrorist attacks, American flags flew from windows and front porches …  even in New York City … but in New York, the flags flew for only a few months before folks reverted to form and removed them.

Our “friends” in Europe were shocked and stood with us.  That is, until they realized that we were serious about finding and punishing the actors and the regimes who aided and abetted these unwarranted attacks.  Almost like magic, within days after the horror, a new mantra was introduced by our media “elites,” warning about a newly-invented failing on OUR part — “Islamophobia!” – a term that can be defined howsoever one wants to – —  But, tut-tut; can’t have any of that.

And now, 18 years later, we find that the thinking of our self-anointed “elites” has advanced so far along that they refuse to even mention who the perpetrators were, the ideas they espoused, the folks and countries who supported them or the folks who still today, praise the mass-murderers as esteemed examples of “holy martyrdom.”   Eighteen years ago, we promised to “Never Forget.”  Today, we are not supposed to remember. 

But the other side hasn’t forgotten, nor has it reformed.  Many remain filled with undying hatred for you and me and all we hold dear.  But, shhh!  We are not supposed to notice, nor speak, nor even think these things.  It might be “Islamophobic” of us to take notice of their continued blood hatred of us.

One way that might dispel some of this “imagined” Islamophobia would be for Muslims living and thriving among us to organize a “Million Muslim March” on Washington to proclaim loudly that these terrorists and their beliefs do not represent me!  And are not in my name!    Oh, and if you think that is asking too much, might I remind you that Linda Sarsour – current Arab-American pinup model for many American Muslims and leftists — was (and is) able to help organize large marches on Washington to demonstrate AGAINST our current government…!!

One final point (for now) … Just think of the trillions that we have spent (and are spending) throughout the Western world to guard against a repeat by having very strict measures at every airport, everywhere, measures that even hassle 80-year-olds like my Dearest and me every time we travel – so as not appear as if we in the West are “profiling….”  Heaven forbid!   And, let’s not forget the thousands of lives of our very best who volunteered and spent their blood in the miserable sands of the Middle East…  Or the thousands of others who have been seriously maimed by the IEDs manufactured by the Iranian “Best First Friends” of the previous administration. Please, join me in Never Forgetting!

Old Frank

One Response to "The Media Mantra for Today’s 9-11"

  1. OPOVV   Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 4:52 AM

    Right on target, Old Frank, and you’re correct in exposing the duplicitous word “Islamophobia”, which is akin to the phrase “moderate Muslim”.

    No, I’m not buying into the hype of “moderate”: you are either pregnant or you are not. It is not possible to be forty-nine or fifty-one percent, let alone 90 or ten percent of being a Muslim, which the Taliband has so taunted the Pakistanis’ government for years.

    And for the proof one just has to reveal the 1,400-year history of the spread of Islam. What happened at the Beslan schoolhouse in 2004 is what happened in the whole country of Spain in the 8th century, and what will happen to Europe and North America unless we get with the program.

    Since WWII, the Arab world has been given billions upon billions of every form of currency in exchange for the oil that was discovered by Westerners. The Arabs invested in the stock market, real estate, and especially in the media of the countries (including, especially, America) that became addicted to the ever-flowing supply of oil.

    So it’s not surprising at all that Hollywood, television and radio, and Madison Avenue, has embraced the philosophy of who now owns them: Muslims. To make a long story short, we have and continue to trade our freedoms (read: Constitution) for pieces of silver (money) to the very people who wish to enslave us and, ultimately, kill us, as they so aptly depicted on 9-11.

    And, to top it off, there’s no mystery here: for the past 1,400 years they have told us exactly their game plan, trouble is, few are listening, which is why we have the likes of Omar and Linda Sarsour allowed to even set foot in our country.

    Bottom line? Look around and tell me what you see. I see CAIR (a fund-raising organization for the likes of Hamas, and others) operating openly, and our esteemed Attorney General won’t lift a finger to, at the very least, deport them and every other Muslim from our land.

    As I said when I wrote about Barry Soetoro’s Administration (AG Eric Holder, et al), they’re using the NAZI playbook: using our own laws to do us in.

    Bottom-bottom line? The day when the truth becomes offensive, that’s the end.

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