6 Reasons You Should Improve Your Office Coffee


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(Sep. 2, 2019) — Office coffee is always a safe bet, but still today, after everything that has been researched and learned on the subject, there are managers and company directors who have not incorporated it as a differentiating service in their companies. We turn to this kind of professional, to the one who is doubting whether or not to incorporate office coffee equipment. If you are one of them, we invite you to continue reading, to know why you should improve your office coffee and add value to your organization.

Time Optimization

Of course, optimizing time is one of the responsibilities of any CEO and should lead to efficient ways to improve activity times and also rest and leisure times in the office.

The moment of rest often lends itself to extend beyond what it should, especially when employees must go find their coffee at a place outside the company. The coffee for companies avoids this extra time that the staff must use to get a simple cup of coffee and optimizes the daily break to enjoy this infusion.


Of course, associated with the previous point is the fact of productivity. When everything happens within the company, including the rest and enjoyment of a cup of coffee for offices, the staff increases their productivity, not only because it avoids the loss of time in efforts such as going in search of it, but also because they are never away from the work environment, being able to remain focused on their tasks. In fact, many times when taking your break within the same company, you can interact with other colleagues and continue to discuss or deliberate on issues that have to do with the work itself.

Better Work Environment

How is it possible that a good office coffee improves the working environment? As it happens, on the one hand, the employee gets everything he needs from his employer, which is always seen with good eyes. On the other hand, many times the accessibility to good office coffee makes it possible for the worker to have a cup of coffee whenever he wants, because he is only one step away from doing so, but always returns to his workspace quickly.

Greater Flexibility

From the above we can see that the key point in this whole issue is flexibility.  By incorporating coffee for companies, your company gains in flexibility, concentrating rest options and even recreation in the office itself, giving the possibility of meeting between colleagues of the same company, not only to hold meetings and do collaborative work, but also to find yourself in front of a favourite cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing moment in your own work environment.

Happier Employees

The fifth and inevitable benefit of improving office coffee is that you contribute to the happiness of your employees in their work environment. We have already given several compelling reasons that justify this: better work environment, generation of meeting spaces, greater flexibility and spaces and moments of rest greatly improve the climate in the company, making your staff feel more comfortable in their work.

Creativity and Innovation

So far we had not mentioned the words “creativity” and “innovation,” but it is important to start talking about it. Office coffee involves thinking about a specific area that many now call “coffee area.” Here the magic happens, because these spaces become meeting points that, above all things, become places of spontaneous and more informal meetings, which contribute to fostering creativity and innovation due to the exchange of ideas and inspiration among the co-workers themselves.


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