by Tom Arnold, ©2019

(Jul. 18, 2019) — Katie Pavlich and Tucker Carlson just discussed unlawful Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s controversial recent remarks and background.

They speculated that Omar’s family history is different from that which she reported when she entered the United States.

That one of her marriages was to her own brother.

That she failed to report her situation accurately to the IRS.

Essentially, that she defrauded the U. S. government and Minnesota voters.

Ever question “Barack Hussein Obama’s” eerily-similar bona fides?  Then, following that faux news, did you see Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch being interviewed by Sean Hannity? Fitton has found incriminating evidence on “Obama” specifically concerning the Russian scandal going back to September 2016.

The whole bunch of you (not including Mr. Fitton) are frauds, just like Omar and “Obama.” You’re a big part of the reason why we are having a constitutional crisis (and have had one now for over a decade). No guts! Pretend patriots! Fake news (or none at all that you are willing to talk about with your listeners and viewers!).  Guilty of misprision?

Shameful, shameful.  Betrayal of your fourth-estate government-watchdog responsibilities as journalists.  When is this ever going to end?  How long will America go on living the lies?

Tom Arnold is author of “The Sick Treasonous Truth Surrounding Barack Hussein Obama.”


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  1. This is a nice, brief, sharp and accurate article. Also, the other replies are “spot-on”. Tom Arnold, I realize you sense that Obama maybe riding on a “free-pass”. But, as I figure there is no time-limit on USURPATION, therefore Obummer can’t be sleeping well at night, nor can the Deep, Dark, Dank, Dammed, Deceiving State. Let’s all hang in there and support the effort.

    Hopefully, both Team Obummer and the Deep State will shortly meet their demise.

  2. Adrien Nash, thanks for the complement and for the link to your website. I have been making variations of the same basic comments since 2009 in response to the often ask question of why Congress, or anyone else in our government and/or the MSM, will not touch the subject of Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud. If you would like to read some of my other comments just go to my discuss log here:

  3. IMO Trump can only address Harris’ constitutional ineligibility if he is prepared to deal with the Obama issue too. That means gathering all the evidence, and the constitutional and legal experts and let them explain all aspects of the fraud of both candidates and lay everything out there in a clear and compelling narrative. It also means putting up when a ferocious push-back from the media who will demean and deride Trump as they continue their obfuscation and lie to the American people. A lengthy and detailed press conference that leaves no stone untouched is essential. Trump should then ask the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor and get to the bottom of it once and for all. The White House should have daily briefings on the issue until justice is served and all investigations should be fast-tracked. The American people need to be educated and shown once and for all how they have been betrayed by the media, the courts, and their so-called representatives. The American people deserve nothing less. There can be no endeavor more essential and justifiable than the effort to effectively expose and destroy the anti-American cabal that infests our government today. Once the truth is revealed to the nation and the world, and the appropriate punishment meted out to these treasonous vipers, only then can we begin to heal this country.

  4. Trump needs to bring up eligibility of Kamala Harris.. that will lead to questions of bath house Barry’s bc. Msm hates that conversation – it will tank kamala along w putting barry in more of a panic.

  5. Thank you, Sharon, and the rest of you who read what I had to say about “Barack Hussein Obama” as compared to congresswoman Ilhan Omar. It looks like “Obama” is going to get a pass (lifetime?) on his crimes. Maybe Omar will, too, on hers and maybe not. Even though “Obama” and other presidents have espoused that “no one is above the law,” I’m seeing something in our system of law and order/criminal justice that is entirely different! The most disturbing part of it all is the TRASHING OF OUR U. S. CONSTITUTION. Something absolutely MUST BE DONE about defining/re-affirming the Article 2 meaning of natural born American citizenship! Unfortunately, our Supreme Court appears to be full of a bunch of cowards and complicit anarchists, sucking up to “Obama” without even knowing who he really is! Tom Arnold.

  6. My opinion, as I have said many times before over the years, is this:
    Fox News and the rest of the Obama Media fake news have pretended not to know Obama is a total fraud since he first became known in Chicago politics and was quickly elevated to an untouchable, race protected presidential candidate who was going to be elected in 2008. Those who planned and installed Obama as the putative president where able to silence every member of Congress by using the race card, and once Obama was allowed to be sworn-in as the putative president Congress believed they had no choice but to protect his fraudulent claim of Constitutional eligibility forever because they had all violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution by allowing and assisting Obama’s usurpation. That crime is apparently too big to prosecute and even too big to acknowledge because it gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. In spite of massive additional evidence of The Obama Fraud over the years we are still stuck in same place we were in January of 2009, with the many complicit in Obama’s usurpation protecting Obama and anyone who might lead to him… protect themselves.
    No matter how valid and plentiful the evidence is, the coup of 2008/2009 will apparently remain off-limits to Fox News and all complicit in The Obama Fraud…no matter what that does to America’s credibility and our future. So far the Deep State/Swamp has proven to be too entrenched, powerful and capable of control of the media……and it is still protecting itself and weakening America in every way possible. I want to believe the truth is going to be fully and openly revealed and the many criminals involved in The Obama Fraud punished appropriately…….but realistically, what are the chances of that happening?

  7. What Omar has been saying ever since she was elected is tantamount to Sedition & Treason, also one of (4) legal justifications for revoking her naturalized citizenship and deportation.

  8. Omar is being investigated for illegal procurement of US Citizenship which is one of (4) legal exceptions in the law justifying revocation of one’s naturalized citizenship and deportation.

  9. I couldn’t help think, when watching this tonight, how it would have been equally appropriate to substitute aka Obama’s name in place of Omar’s regarding much of what was being discussed. Nevertheless, the hypocrisy of Tucker Carlson and his compatriots at Fox was again self-evident when you consider that the Fox tribe intentionally avoided scrutinizing aka Obama – despite ample evidence of fraud and deceit – and yet now that they feel compelled to “investigate” and expose the latest anti-American fraud, Ilhan Omar. Fox abrogated it’s duty to expose Barry and in so doing betrayed its viewers and the American people at large. Not much difference between aka Obama and Omar IMO. Despicable hypocrisy.