How To Configure A Remote Desktop Client Like UltraVNC on Windows


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(Jul. 8, 2019) — A Remote Desktop Client is used to access a computer from a remote location or from a master computer. UltraVNC Free Download is one of the best remote desktop clients you can find. UltraVNC was primarily developed for use by IT administrators and managers. However UltraVNC Free Download has become an important tool for all types of users to access their computer’s storage and network resources, as well as conveniently manage the computer. UltraVNC Free Download displays the desktop of the remote computer on your screen and from here you will be able to control it with a keyboard and mouse just like it is the screen you are looking at. UltraVNC Free Download conveniently secures remote access connections with password protection. With this free open source software-UltraVNC Free Download, you will be able to troubleshoot a computer, run any program you want, access different files and print documents all from a remote location. These are the steps you have to take to configure a UltraVNC Free Download on your computer.

Fist Step: Download and Install UltraVNC Free Download

The first step is to go to the Windows store and search for UltraVNC Free Download, or from any browser. You will require only 2.6MB free memory space on your computer to be able to download the software. The next thing is to ensure that the remote desktop client- UltraVNC Free Download is also downloaded and installed on the computer you wish to control remotely. After installation you will be required to save the file in the “Select Components” window. Then you have to choose “Register UltraVNC server as a system service.” Finally, in the “Select Additional Tasks” window, you can “Start or Restart UltraVNC service.” The next step is to set up the software.

Configuring UltraVNC Free Download

There are two ways of configuring UltraVNC Free Download for incoming remote support. Firstly you have to realise that each UltraVNC Free Download server may be configured with a unique I/P port number that requires a unique port forward in the router for each VNC server and secondly, all VNC servers may be configured at port 5900 where in this instance, a VNC repeater is installed to route incoming requests to the specific VNC server. If you are installing UltraVNC Free Download on just two or three workstations, the best way is use the configuration where it is done with a unique IP port number that requires a unique port forward in the router for each VNC server. However if you are connecting more than three computers, then it is best you follow the second procedure.

Using the first method, you will be required at each workstation to launch the VNC settings editor from Start>>All Programs >> UltraVNC Free Download>> Edit settings. After this is done, you will be required to click on the manual radio button and select the port number for this server via the RFB port box. The “Master” workstation can be left at the default value of 5900, while the remaining workstations go up from there; that is 5901, 5902 and so on. Next step is to click the security tab and enter a password in the box for VNC password. Then you will have to set appropriate port forwarding in the router. To connect to a computer on the network, you will have to start UltraVNC Free Download, and enter the public IP address of the site and the port number of the workstation you intend to connect to. Once you click “Connect,” you will have to enter the password when you are prompted and click enter. The moment you are connected, right click VNC in the Windows task bar to display the connection menu where you will have to save connection info with any name you wish. Click “Yes” at the prompt to save the password with the connect file. Now you can go on with connecting to workstations at the site and saving connections where necessary. After you have completed all of this procedure, you can double-click the file and you will be given access to connect to the workstation without tendering any other additional information.

The second method for connecting more than four computers requires the same system as the first one, so there is not much to say. An alternative to the drudgery process of making and saving connections to each workstation is to make and save one connection and then copy and paste them after which you can rename each.


Once you follow all the prompts during installation of the software-UltraVNC Free Download- you will have no problem accessing any computer on the workstation. UltraVNC Free Download allows you to connect as many systems as possible to a network and delivers you unfettered access to any of the connected computer without any stress.

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