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(Jun. 23, 2019) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ an information television program that reports the truth. Hello, my name is Roving, as in Roving Reporter (RR), and I’ll be interviewing Professor Zorkophsky on his latest bestseller, but before I do, I’d like to make a comment. Our Republic, the United States of America, is sliding into oblivion, someday to be a footnote as Atlantis became, and all those who fought and died for her are about to be flushed unless we can stop the prevailing idiocy that has induced mass psychosis. It is a documented fact that registered and unregistered voters alike cried and required professional care administered to fragile bruised egos, having learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the presidential election of 2016.”

“Excuse me, Roving, but there’s no need to be so formal in my magnificent office, so if you’ll address me as ‘Zork’ that’ll do just fine. Thank you, and now before I show you the latest edition to my office, I’d like to mention in Chapter Eight, which is titled, ‘The Deep State Extends into the Private Sector,’ where I point out that a certain segment of the population, even being only 15%, are represented in 90% of the commercials on TV. Furthermore, the placement of the hijab in the background of, for instance, a food commercial or a political rally, is not by accident (and sometimes you can see a burqa wandering around in the background). Also, the prevalence of young fit men with beards has become commonplace, many with ‘ink’ (tattoos) in-your-face. Now, if you’ll follow me to the sub-sub basement, I’ll show you my helioscope.”

“Maybe next time, Zork. I’d like your take on this ten-minute non-missile launch.”

“Clever man, this president, how he snookered the gullible into thinking it was a change of mind. It was nothing of the sort. It was a warning, that’s all it was, but a very powerful warning at that. President Trump said if we go to war with Iran, we go to war to win, and win we will. Trust me, the Ayatollahs figured it out; just too bad the idiots on CNN couldn’t. Now, about my new book.”

“So even though he said he didn’t want to kill 150 Muslims he didn’t mean it?”

“You calling Trump stupid? Listen, some of us get it while most don’t. If we all got it there wouldn’t be one Muslim in our military or one in our country. Is there still hope? Maybe.”

“You paint a dim picture.”

“Not at all. Reality has no sides. If you want to interpret Muslims in our country as a positive, good luck justifying your reasoning as your wife is shot for being outside without a male relative escorting her, as clearly demonstrated by that Minneapolis Muslim cop who murdered the lady who made the 9-1-1 call in the first place.”

“But certainly there must be something positive about it.”

“May I be blunt and not talk around the bush?”

“Since when have you not?”

Touché. Now, as I was saying, after spending beaucoup bucks, Obama was groomed to enter the political arena, someplace where they would gladly take payoffs to look the other way and keep their mouths shut, which is why Chicago was chosen. After Obama was elected in Illinois, those who controlled the purse strings of the Democratic Party went to work full-time to promote Obama as the candidate for president.”

“So they paid people off? So that’s where all that stimulus money went, to finance the kickbacks. How much did Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean get for turning traitor to their country?”

“We don’t know, but I’m thinking that maybe our new Attorney General will answer that question for us and not take years to do it.”

“But the Deep State will make it difficult for Barr to gather evidence, isn’t that so?”

“Of course, after all, the whole purpose of the Deep State is to overthrow the government. We’re taking bets on how long before Trump fires that new FBI director, Chris Wray. Now, getting back to Obama, aka ‘Cheap Suit’ — a Muslim born in Kenya who was indeed a de facto president, but here’s the point of my book: the Deep State extends into the private sector, and for proof we might as well start with the FBI.”

“Isn’t it a coincidence how the FBI happens to be at the center of it all?”

“Isn’t it, though? So the FBI used to conduct surveillance on the 22+ Muslim Training Terrorist Camps throughout the country, but no more.”

“I’ve got a feeling that you’re going to mention Eric Holder.”

“Right. Well, Holder had to end the surveillance or else the word would get out that they really are terrorist training camps, and mosques are armories. They couldn’t take the chance that CNN and the rest of the Fake News might, by accident, mind you, report the truth.”

“So now you’re going to say that the FBI and CNN are one and the same?”

“Close enough. Here’s what I am saying: even though the word is finally getting out that Islam is a political ideology and not a religion; that the so-called Muslim immigrant is in truth a combatant invader; that Muslims are in the United States for one reason and one reason only: to overthrow the Constitution and introduce Sharia Law; the attacks via the media haven’t abated one iota.”

“So they’re acting like Hillary won, is that it? You mean the game’s on?”

“Never slowed down a bit. And if you don’t believe me, look how many Muslims are arriving every day. No, if anything, the pace is accelerating until stupid people will start to say, ‘We can’t deport them all; there’s too many.’ So, let me ask you a question, Roving: since when did the United States ever say, ‘We can’t do something because it’s too hard’? Never, until we started hearing from Chuck Schumer and his defeatist colleagues.”

“I never liked Chuck Schumer. Talk about your Democrat Jew, he’s the poster child, why, he’s the perfect spokesman for the so-called Palestinians, isn’t he?”

“That he is, which brings us full circle: the Deep State is everywhere firing on all cylinders, and if we don’t get it together, well, that’s what the book’s about: $19.95 plus a small incidental fee for handling and postage.”

“But wasn’t there a presidential candidate that ran in 2016 whose platform included deporting each and every Muslim and illegal immigrant? Whatever happened to him?”

“I like to think that in a parallel universe he won the election and that within two years each and every Muslim AND illegal immigrant were deported. And America was saved and we went to Mars and learned a lot about ourselves in the process: goals and none of this ‘can’t-do’ attitude. Look, if there’s one thing a PFC or a Navy Seaman learns, it’s that there’s the right way, the wrong way and the let’s get it done way.

“So why can’t Trump do the same?”

“Look, I don’t want to appear rude, but I’ve been invited on a competing television station to hawk my book, so even though it’s been just great talking with you, I have to run. Thank you and goodbye.”

“No, thank you, Zork, for explaining it all to us. And so, I’m afraid it’s that time but, in closing, we learned the Deep State is alive and well, and if you don’t believe me just watch a few TV commercials. Okay, that’ll do it and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show, but kind-of sad to know that thousands of illegal immigrants and thousands — and yes, I did say ‘thousands’ — of Muslims are arriving, every week, and sometimes in one day. So here’s a word from the wise: buy a gun, because they sure are. Burger time: my treat.”

The Exodus Song” (3:22)


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  1. OPOVV
    Thanks, good article. Sometimes it seems like the odds of getting out of Deep State control, which took many years to establish, are about the same as AOC saying something coherent. Information like this from the distributor of fake news and everything Never Trump website called the, “Drudge Report” and sometimes called the, “Sludge Report”, is not encouraging:


    Protecting Obama, Hillary and others who could lead to fully uncovering The Obama Fraud are Deep State priorities and they will never give up….and they still have many resources embedded in the Trump Administration and control of the fake news media….and even much of ostensibly not fake news like Fox News will not touch the actual reasons for the panic over the “birther” Donald Trump being elected in 2016 instead of the planned in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton.

    Drudge Report has……not surprisingly ……no link to this report just released from Project Veritas and James O’Keefe: