by Joseph DeMaio, ©2019

Photo: Robert-Owen-Wahl at Pixabay

(Jun. 17, 2019) — As the Democrat Party insanity bullet train continues careening down the tracks, one thing becomes increasingly clear: the nation cannot survive as contemplated by the Founders – and, by the way, as guaranteed by the Constitution – if these folks are ever again allowed to come even close to wielding political power.  Witness the 2018 disaster of returning control of the House of Representatives to an incompetent – but cunning – wretch from San Francisco who refuses, among other lunacies, to assist President Trump in securing the southern border.  Worse, she actively foments and subsidizes opposition to his efforts to protect America and its citizens.  This is national masochism on steroids.

The result? Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring over the border each month, overwhelming the Border Patrol and facilitating the reintroduction and spread of communicable diseases as well as admission into the country of MS-13 (“spark of divinity” gang members and ISIS terrorists.

Oh, and don’t forget those illegal aliens who over the years have perpetrated myriad crimes against law-abiding citizens (and lawful non-citizens), including assaults, batteries, rapes, robberies, kidnappings, burglaries, negligent homicides, manslaughter and premeditated murders, including the killings of law enforcement officers.  As noted here, someone needs to explain why the House of Representatives and its leaders are not in plain violation of Art. 4, § 4 of the Constitution, requiring the United States to protect all states “from invasion.”

As but one example of the unfathomable – but uncorrected – stupidity of Democrats, a Fox News Town Hall meeting was recently held in Tempe, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.  There, Democrat presidential aspirant Julian (“I-know-I-have-a-zero-chance,-but-the-spotlight-strokes-my-ego”) Castro, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Obama Regime, appeared.  Folks, everything wrong about the Democrats and their approach to governing a free people in a constitutional republic was on full display that afternoon.  And rest assured, Castro is among the more “moderate” [sic] Democrats vying to become the leader of this nation.

Castro played to a hand-picked audience of Democrats, progressives and sycophants; refused to answer direct questions from the moderators (nothing new there); and responded to questions from the attendees in true Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” fashion: reframe the question into one bashing Trump, then “answer” that question.  Everything that is wrong, neurotic and just plain stupid about the Democrats and their political philosophy is memorialized here.

As but one example, Castro was asked a question by perhaps the only victim of an illegal alien who was allowed into the venue.  She related the story of the theft and unlawful use of her Social Security number and/or identity, all to her financial harm.  She related that the illegal alien was charged with the crime, but released on his “own recognizance…” never to be seen again.  She then asked what he would do about that person.

Photo: Julian Castro, Wikipedia, Public Domain

On cue, as if Alinsky were channeling him from the grave, Castro quipped: “crime happens,” intimating that what happened to her could have just as easily been committed by an American citizen, ignoring the fact that this particular crime was not committed by an American citizen, but instead was committed by someone who should never have been in the country in the first place.  He then launched into a diatribe about the purported “failure of leadership” now permeating the White House, but admitted that incidents like hers might well be seen to be “jarring.”

Say what?  With a straight face, this clown, comically pretending to be a legitimate potential leader of the nation, was suggesting that the victim should blame the “failed immigration policies” of President Trump rather than the perpetrator of the felony, i.e., the illegal alien, the same species of individual who Democrats persist in mislabeling as an “undocumented immigrant.”   Any judge who releases an illegal alien facing felony charges on his/her “own recognizance” with the expectation that the alien will return for trial is either stupidly naïve or a Democrat… or both.

Watch the whole Fox News video and ask yourself this: are these the types of politicians you want dictating how you should live your life and making excuses for the defalcations and, yes, felonies of illegal aliens pouring unchecked into the country, all to your own risk and peril?  Are these the people you want defending the Constitution and appointing judges to the federal courts – including  the U.S. Supreme Court – who would place the “rights” of illegals over those of American citizens?

And speaking of judges and litigation in courts of law, check this out:    https://www.brownsvilleherald.com/news/local/migrants-suing-border-patrol/article_fdc27554-8c53-11e9-a2b5-c7edc06b9eb3.html.  A group of seven illegal aliens from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have filed (apparently) a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Texas against the Border Patrol and several immigration officials.  The term “apparently” is used because there is as yet no confirmation that such a suit actually exists.  The Brownsville Herald has only “reported” same.

According to the newspaper, the complaint alleges “poor treatment” of the invaders and seeks a court order freeing any illegal alien held by the Border Patrol for more than 72 hours to be released “on bond.”  Oh, and the suit seeks class action certification so that any and all “similarly-situated” illegals would be turned loose into the country “on bond.”

Screenshot: PoliticsWatchDog, Facebook

On bond?  Really?  Here’s a modest proposal: if release on an appearance bond – as opposed to a release on one’s “own recognizance” – were ordered, how about setting the bond at $10,000 per person, with the Democrat National Committee, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (and maybe even George Soros) named as the persons guaranteeing and ordered to pay the bond when the alien fails to show up for the immigration hearing?  Better yet, make it a cash bond required to be posted pre-release so that right after the “no-show,” the bond is immediately forfeited to the United States.  Who knows, with the expected 90% “no-show” rate, that gambit alone could fund the wall.

The foregoing examples of the efforts of the Democrats in Congress – and, yes, the folks who elected them – to dismantle this constitutional republic are but minor ones compared to what is being pushed by the even more radical elements of the leftist DNC cabal masquerading as a legitimate political party.  As noted before here, you cannot fix stupid.  But unless you think it is wise to “conspire” and “collude” with stupidity, you can vote it out of power.  Memo to the electorate: November 2020 is but 17 months away and all members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election… or booting from office.   Hint… hint….

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