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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2019

Screenshot: PoliticsWatchDog

(May 26, 2019) — Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution mandates that “[t]he United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion…” (Emphasis added).  With up to 100,000 illegal aliens falsely claiming that they seek “amnesty” pouring over the southern border each month – and please spare me the bromide that these folks are all law-abiding people just seeking a better life… has anyone thought of a giving them a quick lie detector test as part of the asylum claim “processing?” – only a blind Martian would call that situation anything other than an “invasion.”  Worse, it is an invasion being enabled and subsidized by this nation’s new class of blind Martians: the Democrats in Congress and their judicial allies.

President Trump is doing everything in his power to protect each state (and therefore, collectively, the Nation) against the metastasizing invasion.  And yet, seemingly at every turn, the Democrats – let us label them the “New Blind Martians” – fight back, frustrating his efforts and allowing the invasion to not only continue, but to accelerate.  Some of the most committed New Blind Martians include federal judges who never met an illegal alien they did not want to coddle and free into the general population.  These vision-deprived jurists pontificate from their lofty benches, then drive (or are chauffeured) to their gated-community homes or secured and guarded high-rise condos.  Nice.

Memo to the electorate: if you want the situation to get exponentially worse, vote to retain control of the House of Representatives in Nancy (“I-umm-err-well-ahhh-zzzz…”) Pelosi by re-electing the Blind Martian members of Congress who continue to kiss her ring and dance to her misguided tunes.  Pelosi underscores the truth of the observation: “You can’t fix stupid.”

On the other hand, if you want to exponentially improve the chances that the ongoing invasion of the United States will be stopped and reversed – and, yes, with millions of the invaders repelled and removed from the country as authorized by… ahem… existing law…. – return control of the House of Representatives to the GOP and hope to High Heaven that a modicum of reason and rational thought will return to that body, because that is where the problem currently resides: Pelosi and her refusal to allow the funding needed to repel the invasion.  And please, no more Paul Ryans….

Somebody needs to sue Pelosi on the grounds that she is aiding and abetting the enemy – the army of invading “asylum-seekers” and an insouciant judiciary seemingly oblivious to the dangers presented by that army – at the financial expense and physical safety of the States, the Nation and its citizens.  Such a lawsuit, of course, would go before the same judges who welcome the chaos spilling over the border, so do not bet the farm that any relief would be forthcoming from that gambit.

Sadly, the Nation will likely have to endure another 18 months of Pelosi’s intransigent stupidity before a new Congress convenes.  With any kind of luck, she will by then be out.  But look on the bright side: with the reported approach of a tsunami of declassified documents establishing that the Deep State actually exists and that a treasonous “soft coup” was attempted against President Trump, the New Blind Martians will soon be forming their circular firing squads.

Stay tuned, as this could get interesting.

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  1. We are fighting a losing battle. No matter what Pres. Trump does, the legislative branch blocks his efforts. As well, the legal system in this country is over run with leftist judges, AGs, and attorneys who do as they please with ZERO repercussions for their illegal decisions. Biblical prophesy says very plainly that the world will fall to the afterChrist, in the end times, until Christ returns to vanquish evil! When you have an entire nation that can’t understand the basics of morality and refuses to uphold truth and the rights of the people, there is nothing left but complete collapse.