The De-energised State


by Viv Forbes, ©2019, Executive Director, The Saltbush Club

By TUBS – Own work. This W3C-unspecified vector image was created with Adobe Illustrator and includes elements taken or adapted from this: Australia location map.svg (by NordNordWest)., CC BY-SA 3.0,

(Jun. 6, 2019) —

There was a Green State in Australia
Whose energy plans were a failure
When the wind did not blow
And the sun did not glow
Their big battery fell flat as a saviour.


Viv Forbes
Washpool   Qld  4306  Australia

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Viv Forbes is not a member of any political party, and has no vested interests in mining, energy or bio-fuels. He and his wife breed meat sheep, drive a diesel car, ride petrol quad bikes, have roof-top solar panels and a diesel generator in the shed.


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