Why Big Miners Turned Green


by Viv Forbes, BSc, MAusIMM, Executive Director, the Saltbush Club

Image credit: Wikipedia, Fair Use

(May 4, 2019) — “Big miners like Rio and BHP employ many geologists, chemists and physicists who can show that natural climate cycles have been occurring for millions of years. Why then are their boards pushing the man-made climate fable?

“It’s all about money.

“Wind turbines, solar farms and electric cars need humungous amounts of copper, steel, rare earths, lithium, silicon and aluminum for towers, transmission lines, charging stations, generators, motors, panels and batteries.

“This means higher metal prices and bigger profits, dividends and bonuses.

“All pretty simple.

“In a big race always back ‘Vested Interest’ – you know he is really trying.”


Viv Forbes

Viv Forbes is not a member of any political party, and has no vested interests in mining or energy enterprises. He and his wife breed meat sheep and have roof-top solar panels and a diesel generator in the shed.

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