“Open-Minded” Teachers, Can You Please Explain?


May 4, 2019

Photo credit: https://www.naturespicsonline.com/galleries/Nature33/_mg_2673.htm, Creative Commons

Dear Editor,

I’m asking all school students (and their teachers) to please google Prof. Peter Wadhams, Head of Polar Ocean Physics Group, of Cambridge University’s statement in The Independent (UK) on the Arctic Circle being ice-free 120,000 years ago.

Please, will all school teachers then explain to their students (so they, in turn…can explain to their parents) just why the polar bear has not been extinct for the past 120,000 years?

The polar bear, 120,000 years ago, was well and truly “snow-white” in colour, as it was well and truly beyond its middle-aged evolution from a grizzly brown to white polar bear!

Teachers, will you please be open-minded enough to explain to your students just why the polar bear is now not extinct?

Howard Hutchins
Victoria, AUS

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