Bill Shorten, is “Young Gough”?


April 17, 2019

Bill Shorten – By Ross Caldwell – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Dear Editor,

All older Australians should relate to Australia’s younger generations; the damage, Australia has never recovered from done, by Gough Whitlam to so many jobs for lower middle, and working class Aussies; along with migrants get a start in Australia jobs!

Bill “Young Gough” Shorten’s campaign has an eerie similarity to Whitlam’s: lots of  “chaff head celeb set” types; and, wet behind the ears, cotton wool – in the main – life experienced journos, academics and, other “clever people” barracking for him!

By the way…it was the great John Gorton, who, while berating the  US vice-president for America’s prosecution of the Vietnam War; ended Australia’s Vietnam involvement…not, Whitlam! And, why did the “Napalm Girl”: Kim Phuc Phan Thi,  defect (with her North Viet-born hubby)  to the West in North America: never, to defect back to Vietnam? When asked why, Kim replied: “Howard, to give our family the best chance in life possible!”

So to give all Aussie families (particularly, working class) the best chance in life possible: let’s hope enough older Aussies remember (and tell) how Whitlam (Shorten’s hero); could not, manage a kindergarten tuck shop in a depression!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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