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by Sharon Rondeau

Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” was a top bestseller in 2009

(Mar. 29, 2019) — In a guest appearance on Friday’s “Hannity,” radio host, author and commentator Mark Levin said there was an organized effort within the Obama regime to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign and that “it defies logic” to believe that Obama himself was unaware of it.

At the beginning of his monologue, Levin reviewed former presidents’ use of the IRS against their political enemies, including Lyndon B. Johnson, JFK, Nixon and FDR. He then said that in similar fashion, Obama unleashed the same type of effort against Trump by using the intelligence community to monitor the communications of his campaign.

He recounted that Obama’s Justice Department collected the phone records of approximately 20 AP journalists and then-Fox News journalist James Rosen and used the IRS to conduct unnecessary audits on Tea Party and related organizations applying for tax-exempt status.  No one was criminally penalized as a result.

Despite its impact on First Amendment protections, Levin said, the media generally ignored the surveillance, conducted without a warrant or the AP’s knowledge.

Early in Trump’s presidency, Trump tweeted that his campaign had been “wiretapped,” a claim to which the media reacted with a collective guffaw and criticism that he presented “no evidence.”  The media ignored a January 19/20, 2017 article which referred to “wiretapped” information collected by the FBI to conduct multiple investigations into the Trump campaign which would obviously carry over into Trump’s presidency.

The intelligence-gathering in 2016 gave way to a counterintelligence probe based on the allegation that someone within the campaign was coordinating with Russians to affect the outcome of the election.

In the wake of the finding that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, after a 22-month probe encompassing 500 search warrants, as many witnesses and 2800 subpoenas, found no evidence of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia, others have made the same suggestion about Obama personally.

Levin was originally a “Never-Trumper” who supported Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential candidacy.  After Trump received the nomination, however, Levin reluctantly said he would support him in the 2016 general election.



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  1. I have a huge problem with Levin claiming to be a Constitutional Scholar and “cherry picking”
    what items he likes in the Constitution and discarding who and what mandates being a
    Natural Born Citizen.

    Likewise, the Rebublican’ts, Demoratswon’t, Lamestream Media and most if not all of the Senate and House are all complicit in the Obama Usurpation.

    My Senator Toomey received hand-delivered info and evidence from me of Obama’s fraud into the White House. I also gave his staff a presentation and they said they couldn’t take action on this matter.

    Also, I have contacted my Congressmen GT Tompson in person a few times on this. And
    I have spoken to his staff in person and by phone several times and they stated they stated
    that they weren’t interested. Thompson’s last remarks to me were that the issue was “water
    under the bridge”.

    This is what we are dealing with. Let’s continue the effort and I am most hopeful because of
    Trump that Obama and those involved in this hoax will be brought to justice. However, our
    part is to continue to fight this injustice and to work at this effort. In addition to posting items
    here, continue to contact Congress and the Media…and take other actions.

  2. I have spoken out loudly about Levin’s hypocrisy re: Natural Born Citizen and his purported constitutional expertise. Nevertheless his current program, Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox, is excellent. He has great guests, asks great questions and listens (unlike his antics on radio). At least today, Levin is speaking out loudly about the Russian hoax, is supporting Trump and is finally calling out Obama, if not for his identity fraud, at least for his anti-American corruption and treasonous activities. I will take what he is offering for now. If he starts ragging about birthers and singing the praises of Ted Cruz again…

  3. It defies logic that anyone as smart as a 5th grader doesn’t believe that Obama ordered the spying on Donald Trump’s campaign, President-elect Trump and his transition team, and President Trump and his administration.

    Mark Levin has also been a ‘Never Birther’ from the get-go.

  4. Not only “Levin was originally a “Never-Trumper” who supported Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential candidacy”. Levin (the constitutional scholar, mind you) supported an into-the-face impostor Cruz (a “constitutional stalwart”), which during his own senatorial campaign acknowledged the meaning of the US natural born CORRECTLY i.e. as BORN TO CITIZEN PARENTS ON THE SOIL, yet later ignored the fact that he unfits to this definition – just like 3 other GOP runners.

    Levin and Cruz are crooks, shameless hypocrites exploiting the short memory and unwillingness to add 2+2 in American sheeple.