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by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot: Mediaite upload of Corsi/Klayman interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, March 4, 2019

(Mar. 7, 2019) — After a reader suggested Thursday evening that Dr. Jerome Corsi might have misspoken during a Monday interview when he said he wanted to see Barack Obama’s “official 1961 birth records from Kenya,” The Post & Email contacted Corsi to pose the question.

The interview took place with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his show, “Anderson Cooper 360” with Corsi’s attorney, Larry Klayman; The Post & Email reported about it on Thursday morning.

In an email to Corsi Thursday night, we wrote, “Hi, Dr. Corsi, in the interview here from Monday night, did you mean to say ‘official 1961 birth records from Kenya’?  I wrote about the interview, and one of my readers suggested that you might have meant to say ‘official 1961 birth records from Hawaii.'”

We then provided a link to a video of the interview posted at Mediaite.

Corsi responded, “Yes, Hawaii.”

Our earlier reportage on the interview stated, quoting from the video:

After Cooper persisted and asked, “Do you believe the president was born in the United States?” Corsi responded, “I said I want to see the official 1961 birth records from Kenya. That’ll settle it. I don’t know where he was born. I’m happy to see the 1961 records and admit I was wrong. The state of Hawaii will not show those records to anyone, including to law enforcement; I don’t know why.”

Neither Klayman nor Cooper questioned Corsi’s invocation of “Kenya” as the alleged source of “official 1961 birth records,” nor did it occur to The Post & Email that Corsi might have misspoken in that instance.

On April 27, 2011, the Obama White House claimed to have released a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s original birth record emanating from the state of Hawaii, where Obama claims he was born on August 4, 1961. A number of mainstream media outlets previously reported that he was born in either Indonesia or Kenya, where his claimed father was reportedly born.

Obama has never addressed the articles by the AP and NPR, among others, describing him as “Kenyan-born” or otherwise born outside of the United States.  In April 2007, a biography published in 1991 by his then-literary agent was changed from stating he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” to “born in Hawaii.”

The image posted at whitehouse.gov was found to be a “computer-generated forgery” by a five-year criminal investigation carried out by a volunteer arm of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). Despite similar analyses having been conducted by two outside forensic specialists, neither Congress nor the FBI has launched an investigation.

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  1. Remember folks, stop using capital letters on ALL democrats’ names. They don’t deserve any. Think about it…the deep state and the democrats are ripping this country apart, and you STILL choose to use capital letters on their names?

  2. The micro film strip for the year and day date Obama claimed to be born is missing in Hawaii. I’m sure Corsi knows of this from FBI reports in 2009 then was retracted. It was also found there were no legal name changes from actual birth name to Barry and back to BHO,II. There are no legal/lawful records that exist anywhere with the current name Obama claims as his. The inside DOJ joke was, all are playing into the trap of playing the game of trying to prove a negative.
    Ask Corsi about this.

  3. The writing is on the wall…done deal…he’s super-mega-massively protected until he’s embalmed.