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(Feb. 28, 2019) — In an article published by Time, it was reported that many schoolchildren put in as many hours in their schoolwork as their adult counterparts. It goes on to show us how we have burdened children with homework. In a study by Stanford Graduate School of Education, 56% of students report that they consider homework as a primary source of stress. Research has also shown that excessive homework does not increase the capabilities of a student nor add to the learning process of them. If an excess of it does not have any academic benefit, why are we pushing our kids to work late in the nights?

Burdening schoolchildren to put in as many work hours as expected from an adult makes them susceptible to depression and anxiety. We have seen many schools set a different kind of rule when it comes to homework; some have set a limit to the hours to be put in each day while others have limited it to holidays only. Still, schools are giving out homework every day that takes two hours to complete.

There has been resistance all over the state over excessive assignments and homework; we need to give more time to the children, keep them mentally healthy by connecting with them rather sending them away to complete their homework. As the outcry over it has gone on to an increasing level, it has given space to a new industry that is helping out students with their homework and assignments. It was only a matter of time before someone emerged on the platform to help out students.

Let us say you are a K-12 student looking for help with an assignment, all you have to do is go to a student help company like ThanksForTheHelp and ask them, “Will you do my accounting homework?” These companies exist to help out students with their assignments and they will do so for a nominal charge. There has been an increase in demand for such services and you will find many students surfing online to get help with their work.

Surprisingly, there are many parents asking these services for help too. Their reasoning behind this decision being that they are not able to interact with their children as much as they would like. Tim, a father of two says, “Lately, I found that both of my children exhausted from all the work that had been piled up. I pushed them in the starting to try and balance their work with other activities. Sadly, they are not as efficient as an adult would be at managing work-life balance. I searched on the internet and found a company called BestOnlineAssignmentHelp. I was reluctant at the starting, but now I offload some of my children’s work. That is only because I crave an outing with my family once in a while. I wish these schools understood that.”

What would you do if you came home to find out that your children were busy doing homework? You would be glad at first that they are taking their studies seriously. But what if it becomes a norm? You come home every day to find that you children are busy doing homework? That the only time you could interact with them was over dinner? Then, they are off doing their work again. Everybody loves their family, ‘La Famila Es Todo’ as they say. You would always put your best efforts for a healthier and happier family. It makes sense when parents go an extra mile to make that a reality.

Many such services have come into existence lately; solely for one purpose alone, that is to help out students with their studies. For example, if you are a student looking for help with an essay, you can go to websites like EssayWriter4U and take guidance from an English professor for it. There are even companies serving in micro categories. If you go online and search for it, you will find that there exist tens of thousands companies that specialize in different fields of subjects. From help with your primary school homework to help with a doctor of dental surgery assignment, you will find many companies dedicated to serving across different categories. If you are nervous about your term paper, you will find companies like PaperDoers providing guidance from experts to help ease your nerves. The internet has made the world truly globalized, whichever type of service you are looking for; it is available online with plenty of competitors vying for your money.

There are more people looking for help with school assignments and papers than college ones. Still, there is a large number of percentage which seeks help with their studies are from college. The reason being, there exists an increasing number of college students who work a part-time job as well. This gives them lesser time to focus on studies. If you worked a part-time job the whole time you were in college, you would know how difficult it can be at times. Lack of sleep and pressure on both frontiers makes a student more prone to depression and anxiety. Feeling exhausted on weekends certainly does not help your mental health.

You will find many college students outsourcing their work to some company when they have an exam coming up; sometimes, a college student would have to go outside the state for an inter-university competition and just wouldn’t have the time to do it. Monica from OnlineAssignmentWriting tells us, “Most students who come to us are international ones who have come to this country in pursuit of higher studies. From our gathering, we found that they have the toughest time managing work and studies. That is so because they are in a foreign country with nobody to guide them. With no one to help them out here, they search on the internet for guidance and end up finding services of our kind.”

As the debate rages on, many psychologists have joined in depicting the disadvantages of excessive workload on students. They say it is better to have a family dinner and let the children sleep on time. A healthier state of mind makes the children much more open to learning. We have seen schools and colleges across the world amending their policies; let us see if we come up with an inclusive act on this issue.

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