February 28, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Yesterday was barbershop day and I had to wait.  Unfortunately, the TV was on and I made the mistake of looking up once or twice and seeing the committee chair launch the proceedings with his anti-Trump tirade.  I tried not to give away my disgust, but my face betrayed me as I squirmed in my seat.  Fortunately when it was my turn, I was facing away from the tube and the sound of the trimmers and snip of the scissors blotted out any more of the ugly spectacle on the TV.  From my perch in the barber chair I could see (with relief) that no one was watching or paying any attention to the “hearings.”  So, at least they weren’t squirming as I had been.

On the drive home I began to think about the surrealism of the past two years regarding the efforts of the left to “find something” that would bring down the president.  They are still searching high and low (the latter being typified in the “hearings” that very morning), when all the while, right in plain sight, were all sorts of criminal acts and activities that would disqualify any candidate from becoming president.  But those crimes and disqualifiers belonged to Hillary Clinton and thus are never investigated nor even questioned by our so-called “media” or any in the Democrat Party.

The media and the Democrats (oops, I repeated myself) refused to look into the obvious and infamous pay-for-play when Hillary was Secretary of State – and the CLEAR and UNEQUIVOCAL collusion with the Russians.  The Clinton Foundation was a honey pot and money-laundering scheme.  It pretended to be a fund for doing good works (ask the Haitians about that), but of the more than hundreds of millions of dollars that it took in over its life cycle, only six percent (that’s 6%, not 60%) made its way into relief efforts or other “good works.”  The rest went for upkeep, salaries, and private bank accounts.

Recall, please:  The Russians were seeking to buy up uranium stores and “spontaneously” decided to contribute to the Clinton Foundation – several millions – and then they invited Bill Clinton to deliver a 30-minute speech in Russia for a fee of a cool half-million US dollars.  Then, by some “coincidence,” 20% of the US uranium sources were to be sold to a straw-purchaser Canadian firm, which would sell its shares to the Russians.  Such sales of “strategic assets” must get the approval of several government agencies, including the Department of State.  Isn’t it strange that “evil” Putin’s regime was given carte blanche with the help and direction of State?  But, such doings were a pattern learned during Bill Clinton’s presidency when he cleared an American contractor to share our Top Secret missile guidance technology with the CHINESE to improve the accuracy of their “satellite” launches (and improve the accuracy of the ICBMs that target our cities as well).  But hey, there was nothing to see there then, either.  It was the Clintons, after all…nothing to see.  Move on.

And then we had the “open mike” moment when Barack Obama himself was overheard reassuring Russian President Medvedev, asking him to “…tell Vladimir that I will have much more flexibility after the election as it will be final term….”  But, hey, nothing to see there…  (Oh, not Russian collusion maybe?….)

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

And then we have Benghazi and lying to the face of the families of our fallen as the caskets arrived at Dover AFB, DE, blaming a poor Coptic-American sap who made a U-Tube video criticizing Islam’s treatment of Christians in Egypt, as the cause of our ambassador’s death and brutal defilement of his body, and the death of his valiant protectors….  Couldn’t launch any military assets, could we, especially with the election so near and the Arab Spring so fresh.  But, hey, “…What difference does it make…?”  Nothing to see here, move along.  You heard me, move along…

And the cherry atop the sundae was Hillary’s notorious non-crime of willfully disobeying State Department classified communications protocols and federal records laws by setting up her own server – in a bathroom somewhere, run by persons without security clearances….  Why did she do that?  Hmmm.  Let’s go back to “Clinton Foundation” and “pay for play.” You could see how easy it would be to be less than careful, if all the email traffic was done through State communications facilities, where all the rules would apply. Hillary and Bill immediately saw that “bleed-over” between big foreign donations to the ‘Foundation” and official State Department approvals or favorable policy considerations would likely occur.  How much better and safer if Hillary just set up her own server and kept control of all message traffic – AND SO AS NEVER TO BE FOUND OUT, DESTROY THE HARD DRIVES AND HIDE THE TRAFFIC!  The messages were destroyed AFTER BEING SUBPOENAED by the Congress.  And Hillary even used her personal Blackberry to communicate with President Obama — in the clear — while in her hotel room IN MOSCOW!  But, the American hero, Jim Comey and his valiant Band of Brothers, couldn’t find anything suspicious or worthy of much investigation in any of it.  They likely suspected they’d never be found out, because Hillary’s “victory” was inevitable, an absolute shoe-in…  that wasn’t.

So enough of the American Electorate understood that if Hillary was above the law as Secretary of State, what even greater flaunting of our laws would she do as president?  How many of the votes that pushed troubled candidate Donald Trump over the top came from good citizens who simply could not stomach any more evil-doings and lawlessness from the Clintons?

Old Frank

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  1. Meanwhile, we wouldn’t want voter ID because it be harder to count illegal votes.

    Not so, especially when it’s so easy to discover 100% pro-Democratic votes that’s been salted in a sedan’s trunk.

    And these mysteriously “Hey, look what we’ve found!” are actually counted, as unbelievable as it may seem.

    If one would sit back and look at it from the sidelines, what possible motive could there be to deny the inner city kids the instructions to read and write? You’ve got to be one callous person to support Affirmative Action when it lowers the bar for everyone.