“I Stink, Therefore, I Am”


by Joseph DeMaio, ©2019

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Jim Acosta, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47177906

(Feb. 16, 2019) — Apart from the fact that the Democrat Party has taken a hard left turn onto a one-way street to oblivion, with normal Americans’ traffic bearing down on them like a bunch of locomotives, we now have yet another example of the disdain and contempt that they and their media apparatchiks have for the United States and its citizens.  Their ignorance, arrogance and cruelty seem to have no bounds.  Case in point: Jim (“I Stink, Therefore, I Am”) Acosta, insuffer… I mean…, intrepid “reporter” for CNN actually slandered the memories of Americans who had been killed – in their own country – by illegal aliens.

At the Rose Garden ceremony last Friday, President Trump announced that he had signed an executive order declaring a national emergency at the southern border occasioned by the tsunami of illegal aliens, drug smugglers, gang members and other undesirables pouring over it and precipitated by the refusal of the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to recognize any emergency at all.  Move along… nothing to see here.

Before the President appeared, several “Angel Moms,” the mothers of sons and daughters who had been either killed or murdered by an illegal alien, walked out of the West Wing to take their seats in the Rose Garden.  When asked by an off-camera CNN flack (James Sciutto) who they were, Acosta replied, with a straight face, no less, that he thought they were probably some Angel Moms, “… the parents of victims who were allegedly killed by undocumented immigrants…”

Allegedly?  Really?  Acosta, of course, being a linguistically-challenged leftist – not to mention an intellectual goof – cannot bring himself to mutter the truth, as codified in the U.S. Code and numerous Supreme Court decisions, that the perpetrators of these deaths are people who are, in fact – and neither “allegedly” nor “purportedly” – “aliens” and that their presence here in the United States is “illegal.”  Memo to “Stinky”: the sons and daughters of the Angel Moms (and dads) were not “allegedly” killed or murdered by an “undocumented immigrant,” they were actually killed and/or murdered by an illegal alien, your obfuscating propaganda aside..

And Stinky’s claim that “statistics prove” that, as a whole, “undocumented immigrants” commit crimes at lower rates than the native population not only completely misses the point – if the illegal alien were not here in the first place, that particular killing or murder would not have taken place – it further underscores the Democrats’ insouciance (look it up, Jim…) over that which any rational being can understand: a son or daughter killed or murdered by an illegal alien is permanently separated from his/her parents while a child brought here illegally by parents (or “others”) using the child only as a facilitating pawn to gain entry onto U.S. soil will be separated from them only temporarily.  Those children will be reunited with their “parents” in due course, but the Angel Moms (and dads) will never again, at least in this world, see, touch, hear, hug or laugh with those who have been taken from them by… an illegal alien.  Period.

But apparently that doesn’t matter to Stinky and his cohorts.  If President Trump supports them, they must be excoriated and slandered along with him…, no?  Tell me again why anyone in his/her right mind watches CNN or continues to patronize its advertisers.

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