Thoughts on the State of the Union Address


by Anonymous

(Feb. 15, 2019) — First of two thoughts:

Most Americans didn’t see what Trump did at the State of the Union, and you were looking right at it! Trump sent a copy of his speech to the Democrats, who immediately wrote scripts to trash his speech before and after the address based on the copy he sent them. Then he gave a completely different speech. All their rebuttals were 100% off-base!

That’s why Nancy Pelosi was looking at all that paper during Trump’s speech, because she realized she got sandbagged by the master. Trump didn’t put into the copy given to Democrats anything about Buzz Aldrin, the cancer child, the ICE agent, the military men, the ones everybody applauded, because he knew they were geared NEVER to stand and applaud no matter what he said. But to not clap for those heroes showed them as evil.

Then he pointed out the ladies took 58% of the seats in DC, and all those liberals in white stood up.  Remember what Trump said? “’You weren’t supposed to do that!’ Remember?”

Now social media is excoriating the Democrats for standing up only for themselves and not ANYTHING to help America.


2. Political Differences Explained

If someone asks you the main difference between most of Obama’s supporters and most of Trump’s supporters, instead of stammering and looking for the best answer, just tell them that most Trump supporters sign their checks on the front, and most Obama supporters sign their checks on the back.




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