A Fresh Look at Things: How to Reduce College Crime?


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(Feb. 13, 2019) — Statistics indicate that a majority of college students experience a form of crime while they are in college.   With such a high number of students studying in college, small crimes such as thefts, assaults, and burglaries abound. While a majority of campuses take the safety of students seriously, there are several additional tips that you can use to stay on the safe side. Before you join an institution of higher learning, be sure to go through these tips.

Tips to stay safe in college

Before you try to keep your peers protected, you should bear in mind that your safety comes first. In order to do so you should:

Be familiar with the safety office of the campus

Most campuses have a security office, which is funded using your tuition. So, why don’t you take advantage of it and use its services? You can find important details of the office such as the telephone number, opening and closing hours on your college website. You can also go there in person. Find out about their programs and whether they have services like safety maps showing the secure routes, campus escort services, blue light emergency phone numbers and much more. These details can help you to avoid college crime.

Be cautious at night

There are studies that show that many cases of sexual assault and other crimes often happen at night. Even though you do not have to be scared of getting attacked in every corner you visit, be careful of your movement at night. Avoid things like walking alone in dark alleys. Instead of remaining in class or library late in the night trying to complete your assignment, you can make use of an essay writing company.  This way you will protect yourself and get a good grade.

Lock up your items

You know you will never leave your house before locking the front door. Likewise, do not leave the dorm or even apartments before you lock it up, even if you are only going for a few minutes. In case you reside on the first floor, remember to close the windows, shut the blinds and hide your valuables in drawers before you leave. You can even go the next step and buy a small safe where you can store valuables such as laptops and iPads. Make sure the safe remains hidden.

Avoid exposing yourself on social media

You may be tempted to share your high-flying lifestyle on social media. After all, this will leave your friends green with envy. But have you ever thought who is viewing your profile every time you post? Do not even geotag your photo as this is a clear indicator of your location. Avoid announcing publicly when you get home or leaving the room unattended. A good idea is to review the settings of your social media page. Ensure that the location service is disabled.  Make your account private and think keenly before you can share anything. Bear in mind that when you post something on social media, it will be hard to erase it.

Check your car before getting in

A majority of people don’t take the time to check the back seat of the car before they get behind the wheel. This is despite the fact that a predator can lurk under the car or even in the back seat. This is especially important if you are the kind who leaves their windows open; use an angle that will enable you to look around the vehicle.

Understand where you are going

When going to class or town, ensure that you understand where you are heading and how you should get there. Walk confidently and don’t look as if you are confused, even when navigating a new location. In case the area you are in is unfamiliar, avoid using headphones and do not let your phone distract you. You can also download the campus map on the phone and make use of a GPS system to figure out the popular and high-trafficked routes that will enable you to get to your preferred destination.

Understand the city and campus well

If you are able to know the rate of crime in the area, it is possible to prevent similar incidences from happening. Many of the universities and campuses provide statistics of on-campus crime, and there are many websites that give a thorough review of the crime rate of the city such as the offence type and the specific location of the crime’s occurrence. Research on the crimes reported on your campus. In case you have a particular question or concern that is not addressed in the site, get in touch with the security office in the campus.

Understand how to defend yourself

If you can understand how to protect yourself physically, this can be quite empowering. Not only will you be safer but you will also be more confident, particularly when you are walking alone. This doesn’t mean you need a black belt to defend yourself. All that you need is a few tips and classes from a professional instructor.


Remember that your security starts with you. If you use the above tips, it will be possible to remain safe as you pursue your education on the campus.



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