February 3, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Please read today’s excellent column by the incomparable Clarice Feldman at “American Thinker.”


Clarice not only explains the racism of the current Democrat Party in Virginia, but also the terrible double standard (the only “standard” they still have) of the media, especially our local rag, The Washington Post.

Contrast the media’s lack of curiosity about Northam with their dogged pursuit and mischaracterization of Judge Kavanaugh’s high-school yearbook.  The obvious bias is not “white privilege,” as both men are genuinely pale-complexioned.  The difference is “Democrat Privilege.”

Consider the “big” story in the media – Russian “Collusion.”  But the media showed virtually zero interest in genuine collusion by Democrat actors, especially the blatant collusion of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  Funny, isn’t it, that when she was our Secretary of State, the since-virtually-defunct Clinton Foundation received tens of millions in “donations” from Russia, and Husband Bill got a cool half-million for a single speech – and then, suddenly, the Obama Administration, at Hillary’s urging, permitted the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves to a Soviet (oops, I meant “Russian”) Government-controlled corporation.  And, for those who haven’t yet figured it out, the reason for NOT using the official State Department messaging network is that she anticipated a probable bleed-over between goings-on at the Clinton “Foundation” and the pay-for-play at State.  But, nothing to see here, folks; move on; we just don’t report such stuff.   Or how about the “hot mike” blunder of Obama himself in Moscow, where he told then President Medvedev, “…Tell Vladimir I will have much more flexibility after my election to my final term…”

This latter item was reported but laughed at by the media, as if it were funny.  But hey, no “collusion”; such words are reserved as the exclusive purview of Trump and other Republicans.  Or how about Hillary’s campaign manager and Democrat insiders, the Brothers Podesta.  Yep, one who used the password “password” to protect his insider email files at the DNC (which were so easily hacked) and his other brother, both of whom were a whole lot more into Russian ventures than the unfortunate dupe, Paul Manafort, or any of the others being fingered and prosecuted by the Mueller probe.  But where’s the big follow-up by the “media watchdogs?”  Don’t look for it.  It’s never reported, even it were looked into.  The Brothers Podesta are protected by “Democrat Privilege.”

Finally, I am NOT growing unhinged, but I am perturbed and disgusted at the blatant bias and professional sloth of the mainstream media.  Just this morning, only Fox News Channel was reporting, with a man on-scene following the Caravan, about the progress of the several thousand wannabe illegal immigrants on their way to the Rio Grande and Texas.  They also inform us that yet another, much larger, caravan is being formed.  Just maybe if the mainstream media reported on this, more folks would pressure Madame Speaker to allow some funding for a barrier?

Whatever doesn’t fit the Democrat message is never reported by the Democrat-controlled media.  This, my dear friends and colleagues, is what is meant by “Democrat Privilege.”  Move on, nothing to see here…

Please, don’t forget to read Clarice’s terrific article above.

Old, Tired Frank

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  1. Good point, Old Frank.


    use yellow journalism to deceive and distract the unaccounted acts of the Democriminals =


    DEMOCRIMINALS CREED: It is not who is right or wrong, it all comes down to who is weak and who is strong.

    When battles of letters fail, battles of bullets may prevail.

    So, it will take the forceful convictions and perseverance of the one clean brain on the one large frame of Donald John Trump to trump the immoral schemes of The Party of Crime.