by Joseph DeMaio, ©2019

(Jan. 16, 2019) — Let us agree at the outset that although the term “shriek” is normally reserved for loud, screaming or irritating audible outbursts, the moniker “Shrieker of the House” is not an altogether inaccurate descriptor of Nancy Pelosi, because the mendacious and incessantly goofy emanations from her mouth (supplemented with weird hand gesticulations) are just as offensive and irritating as audible screams.  After watching and listening to her, one’s brain (and mind) hurts.

Lest there be any remaining doubt over where the sympathies of the Democrats – and in particular, Shrieker of the House Nancy Pelosi – lie, look no farther than her latest missive to President Trump.  Pelosi now suggests to President Trump that, because of “security concerns” over the safety of those assembled in joint session in the House of Representatives chamber for his annual State of the Union address as a result of the “government shutdown,” he should postpone the address.  The report to the Congress and the nation would be delayed until the “government is reopened” and the “security concerns” diminished.

Oddly (just kidding), there is no mention in the Shrieker’s letter of security concerns relating to the “sanctuary city” policies that brought Californians the tragedies of Kate Steinle, Officer Ronil Singh or the vermin named Gustavo Garcia in Visalia.

Good… flaming… grief.  The treacherous mendacity of this XX chromosome crustacean cannot be underestimated or, for that matter, even accurately determined, because as soon as one measurement is completed, another one is required to address yet additional perfidies she manufactures while the prior one was being gauged.

The notion that President Trump should back down on a live delivery of the State of the Union message to Congress – and, parenthetically, to the electorate and to the World – on his own terms and in his own words is beyond pathetic.  It is stupid; it is petty; it is the stuff of kindergarten bullying.  But instead of taking place on an elementary school playground, it emanates from the office of the Shrieker of the House in the U.S. Capitol.

As Congressman Steve Scalise observed when learning of Pelosi’s letter, the mere fact that she doesn’t want the President to deliver the speech to the Congress and the American people simply underscores her insecurity in defending her “not one dollar for the wall” and “y’all come” open borders dangerous nonsense.

Memo to President Trump (like you will ever see this): stand firm.  If Pelosi locks the doors to the House chamber to keep you out and deny you your First Amendment (not to mention Article II, § 3) constitutional rights and obligations, just walk over to the Senate where that chamber would be more than happy to receive you.  It has nicer desks and a better dais anyway.  Have Mitch McConnell seat all GOP Senate and House members first, then the Supreme Court, then the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and only then, if any room remains, allow House Democrats in… if any dare to show up and risk Shrieker Pelosi’s wrath.

Finally, lay it out: (1) border walls work and they are needed here now; (2) Democratic politically-driven intransigence and stupidity do not work, and must be abandoned now; (3) all rational Americans should light up the switchboards, faxes, iPhones, Androids and email accounts of Chuck (“Il Duce”) Schumer, Shrieker of the House Pelosi and all Democrats in both the House and Senate demanding – not asking – that they put aside their juvenile petulance now and start acting in the best interests of the United States rather than in the interests of those who want to bring the nation to its knees.  And finally (4), remind them (again) that elections matter and that they have consequences and that the Shrieker and her cohorts need to get over their childish tantrum and start acting like responsible adults.

Enough already.

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