by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 16, 2019) — On Wednesday’s “Hannity,” investigative reporters John Solomon and Sara A. Carter reported that then-fourth-highest-ranking DOJ official Bruce Ohr told a number of DOJ and FBI officials that the “dossier” provided to the FISA court to otain four surveillance warrants on then-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was an unverified, politically-created product paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

After Solomon and Carter reported their similar, respective pieces of the story, Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett said that federal laws have been violated and that he was able to verify parts of former FBI Chief Counsel James Baker’s testimony to members of Congress last year.

The dossier was prepared by Christopher Steele, a British citizen and former MI6 agent, at the behest of Fusion GPS, whose work was commissioned by the Clinton campaign and DNC.

“Bruce Ohr warned the FBI that this information was not vetted,” Carter added at 9:22 p.m., referring to the dossier contents.

Ohr was demoted twice after he was judged to have been “operating outside of his chain of command,” The Epoch Times reported in August.

FBI policies state that documentation provided to the FISA court must be verified.

The three guests speculated that if attorney-general nominee William Barr is confirmed, there should be enough evidence for him to launch an investigation and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should have investigated the FBI’s work after he and his team assumed the agency’s investigation into the Trump campaign.

Mueller’s deputy in the “Russia” investigation is DOJ attorney Andrew Weissman, who has a history of questionable prosecutions and has been accused of political bias.  Weissman was one of the individuals Ohr warned about relying on the dossier, Solomon reported in a new column on Wednesday.

The FBI and its parent agency, the DOJ, are expected to conduct their work apolitically.

Another individual receiving the warning was then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Solomon said.

McCabe and Baker are now under criminal investigation for allegedly leaking information to the media in 2016, according to a letter sent to a U.S. attorney by House Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan (R-OH) and The Washington Post, respectively.

In confirmation hearings Tuesday, Barr said that he does not believe Mueller is conducting a “witch hunt,” as Trump has often claimed of the investigation, and that his wife and Mueller’s wife have interacted socially for years. He also said that if confirmed, he would listen to the advice of ethics professionals within the DOJ regarding possible recusal over the Russia investigation, but did not guarantee he would consider that advice the final word.

Barr said that he knows the current Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, well and that he did not urge him to resign, which was reported recently. Rosenstein was one of four DOJ officials who signed the FISA applications for then-Trump campaign informal adviser Dr. Carter Page between October 2016 and June 2017.

Solomon’s new column is here.

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  1. Thank you Tony for that video. Everyone needs to watch and help make it go viral.
    Very good and well presented information which should be revisited because it is extremely important. I have asked my Congressman’s office if they knew of this massive spying on Americans and they have said “yes”. However, it’s obvious Congress has no intent of doing anything because, again, doing so would lead to Obama’s usurpation and expose the Deep State….something the many involved in The Obama Fraud and it’s cover-up will will do anything to prevent

  2. Another summary of why I believe nothing happens to bring justice to the many complicit in The Obama Fraud and its 10 year and still on-going cover-up:

    All of this “mystery” over why the panic to remove Trump from office can be summed up in one sentence:

    “To protect Obama, the ineligible identity fraud con-artist, and the many complicit in Obama’s Deep State installation as America’s putative president, and it’s now almost 10 year cover-up.”

    This is all easy to understand, but the “investigators” are either afraid to speak the truth about The Obama Fraud and/or have became complicit in the crime which gave America’s government and her military to the enemy….a crime too big to prosecute. Here’s another example of a post on this subject left by me at Gateway Pundit:

    I believe the reason Hillary was pushed aside in 2008 was to make room for the perfect Globalist installed, race protected candidate, Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary was to follow the massive planned corruption and damage to America they had ready for Barry’s regime. The lying, do anything for money and power super corrupt Hillary was, they believed, the perfect choice as the after Obama cover for the many crimes they had planned for their puppet and usurper of America’s presidency….Obama. The plan worked well for them for the most part, right up until Hillary could not be cheated into the presidency. That created a panic to get Trump, “the birther”, out of office and that plan has exposed much of what is unfortunately……so far a crime too big to prosecute. That crime occurred when Obama was sworn-in back in 2009 and America’s government and her military were given to the enemy. The good guys can’t win because everything but the actual reason for the panic to get Trump is being discussed and it goes nowhere…..and the Deep State is still winning. Revealing and acting on the entire truth about The Obama Fraud is the only way IMO to reverse the Globalist takeover and to restore America and her Constitution. Trump knows all of this and much more and can make it happen….will he?

    I can’t stop posting on this issue, even as it seems very unlikely that anything will ever be done to punish the many involved in the mother of all crimes against American citizens and her Constitution. The frustration over how obvious this all is and was from the beginning is extreme……..because it worked for the Deep State and the Swamp…..which is still alive and well.