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(Dec. 24, 2018) — “Welcome to our humble home, whether you’re watching TV from your home or away, and for those of you who are reading the transcript, glad to have you. We’ve been blessed with the presence of ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ hosted by Mr. Roving Reporter, here, with his crew filming from the balcony. Let’s hope we show the world what the season is all about: the celebration of the birth and life of Jesus, a gift that should teach us to treat others as we, too, would wish to be treated.

“For this Christmas Eve service, we’re going to start with a new tradition, yet a very old one for many around the world: The Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival. Back in the time of Our Savior, the Romans and many other people around the world celebrated the winter solstice; they may have not called it that, but when the days began to get longer and the nights shorter, everyone was renewed with an adrenaline of hope. Yes, that’s right: they knew that the mechanism that spins our planet around our star was working, for surely spring would follow winter. And now it’s time for a song.”

Greensleeves” (1:52)

“Some say the story of Jesus’s birth is one of redemption; others refer to it as a new beginning; but I say you can’t beat it for the positive outlook and a hope for a better world it gave to a generation and generations to come. Hope is probably the most human trait there is, something we all need or else we’d just give up the ghost and call it quits. But we don’t quit; we fight on through the rat-race that’s called life. And that calls for another song.”

Try to Remember” (2:28)

“If there’s one thing that humans do better than anything else, it’s that we make mistakes. Jesus used to say he lived ‘an examined life,’ meaning he didn’t mess up. Alexandria Pope wrote, to err is human.‘ We all fail at times, so the best we can do is pick ourselves up and try and do better. Speaking for myself, I used to take drugs, smoke and drink copious amounts of beer, but it’s been decades since I had a puff or a drop, so if there’s a possibility of some sort of redemption, I’m the proof. Let us pray:

We thank Thee for President Trump and

We hope the wall gets built really, really soon

And all the unwanteds in our country kicked-out,

And that includes everyone who doesn’t like our Constitution.


O Holy Night” (2:12)

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“That was absolutely beautiful. I know you all have homes and hot chocolate to get to and presents to open tonight or tomorrow morning, so I’ll make this short: it’s never too late to say you’re sorry. Nobody can turn back the clock and get a second chance. If I could do it all over, I would’ve taken a certain girl across the border to Mexico and married her in Tijuana the night we met. We each have a dream of doing something over again, if only we could. So what I’m saying is to say you’re sorry, at least to yourself – and mean it – and try and do better tomorrow, the next day and the day after that. Thank you all for showing up. Now if you’ll light your candles we’ll turn the lights down low; please join the choir as you exit.”

Silent Night*” (3:34).”

“Roving, here, thanking you for watching, and for those of you reading the transcript, thanks for reading it. Let’s give a shout-out to our editor, Sharon, for helping us along every show. And now it is my great privilege and honor, on behalf of the crew and those back at the office – all of us here at ‘Pulse’ – to wish each and every one of you a most Merry Christmas and a goodnight: Goodnight.

“That was a pretty-good sermon: short and to the point. Let’s ask Pastor Dunkin to join us for burgers: my treat.”

[*Silent Night used to be sung at the end of every USO show, even in the summer, when I was in uniform.]

Joy to the World” (1:55)


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