by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 16, 2018) — The Post & Email’s visitors’ log shows that over the last two days, our August 19, 2018 article titled, “Is Kamala Harris Eligible to be President?” has been accessed a record number of times since its publication.

The links appearing in green above the article url indicates that readers were led to the article by a tweet.  Who launched the tweet which began the firestorm of visitors is unknown.

The article details the efforts of California citizen Gary Wilmott, who over the course of the last year has attempted to confirm whether or not Harris’s foreign-born parents were naturalized prior to her birth.  Over the last several months, Harris has been touted as a possible 2020 presidential candidate, and Wilmott was concerned that she did not meet the Article II, Section 1, clause 5 constitutional qualification of “natural born Citizen.”

According to her Wikipedia entry, Harris’s mother immigrated to Berkeley, CA in 1960 and her father from Jamaica in 1961. Harris was born on October 20, 1964, less than five years after either of her parents arrived in the U.S.  Federal law requires a five-year residency period for legal immigrants in order to qualify for U.S. citizenship.

The entry also states that when her parents divorced during her early childhood, Harris’s mother was given full custody, and she and her sister relocated to Québec, Canada, where their mother worked as a research scientist at McGill University.  Harris reportedly completed high school in Québec, and it is unknown whether or not she, her sister or her mother acquired Canadian citizenship while there.

Harris’s Senate website reveals nothing of her long-term Canadian residency.  The sole reference to her childhood states:

Growing up in Oakland, Kamala had a stroller-eye view of the Civil Rights movement. Through the example of courageous leaders like Thurgood Marshall, Constance Baker Motley, and Charles Hamilton Houston, Kamala learned the kind of character it requires to stand up to the powerful, and resolved to spend her life advocating for those who could not defend themselves.  

After we interviewed Wilmott last summer regarding his letters sent to Harris’s office and lack of definitive response as to her parents’ citizenship status, we attempted to reach her media representative on several occasions to ask the question.  However, each time, our call was directed to an extension which then said that the voicemail system was full and could not take a message.

Given the level of interest, on Sunday morning, we completed a general contact form on Harris’s Senate website to ask that and other questions.

Harris has been in the news over the last 1-2 days after The Sacramento Bee reported a “misconduct claim” leading to a lawsuit against a former male Harris aide when she served as California attorney general and concurrently ran for the U.S. Senate.  The aide, Larry Wallace, was later employed in Harris’s Sacramento Senate office but resigned Wednesday after details of the $400,000 settlement he paid to the female complainant became public.

Harris claims not to have known about the lawsuit.

In January 2017, The Huffington Post described Harris’s speech at the Women’s March in Washington, DC, where she said, “We are all and should be treated as equals” as “inspiring.”  Harris appeared at the podium with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA43).  Gillibrand, who was just re-elected to a second term in November, is reportedly “thinking about” running for president in 2020.

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  1. The Satanic Socialist Dumbocraps will try to pull everything they can, when really the whole party is a disgrace to the American people that have wasted and given away our Social Security and given it to INVADERS to our country and made out the White Males the enemy. They are Hell bent on destroying our country. Harris is just another tool to do so. The American had better take notice as to the damage the Dumbocrap Party has done to our country. Last year they only worked 126 days that means that we need a refund on their salaries. Harris tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh over a bunch of lies and she is supposed to be an attorney that is supposed to know you are INNOCENT till PROVEN Guilty. But she kept an innocent man in prison even though she knew he was innocent. and you want her to run our country? NOT. NOT. We don’t another Female Bama. That one didn’t work well for us. He really damaged our country. Let’s elect someone that likes America. Semper Fi.

  2. The scams are endless and never resolved. Our government and our judiciary are as corrupt as any dictatorship that has ever existed, more so because they extol themselves to the world and our citizens as virtuous. Honest, legal citizens are, but the illegal scum and their enablers are not; indeed they are anti-American and want such people as Harris, Cruz, Rubio, Obama et al in power to turn this country into a banana republic. Only Nuremberg trials and swift and final punishment can end this activity in the future. If you are waiting for the system to correct the cesspool it’s never going to happen. The system is now the cesspool.

  3. Adrien, the parents could not have been naturalized Amercan citizens BEFORE Kamala’s birth BECAUSE they had not been in the United States the requisite 5 years. The parents arrived in the United States in 1960 and 1961 respectively. Kamala was born in 1964. The earliest her parents collectively could be American citizens would have been sometime in 1966. Kamala Harris IS NOT nor can she ever be a Natural Born Citizen. Ineligible to be POTUS (Article 2) or VPOTUS (12th Amendment). Period.

  4. Hi Ed, As far as I am concerned, Ted Cruz is SETTLED. He was a Canadian citizen for 43 years! His defense is ignorance. He said he didn’t know. And then he cites the 1790 Naturalization Law which was repealed 5 years later as his claim to “natural born” citizenship. Some constitutional scholar. Of course we all know that Rafael Jr. is ultimately hiding behind a complicit media and Congress.

  5. Well, then who re-opened HONEST mass dialog of what it takes to be a natural born (U.S.) Citizen during the 2016 campaign of the “constitutional stalwart” Crook Cruz and three other impostors from GOP? From whom was it to expect that “dialog”: from Dems with their impostor Obama? From GOP with their 2008 impostor McCain and 4 impostors in 2016?

    America is paralyzed. America is in a stupor of its degenerate political system. Yes, the 2008-2016 imposture must be kept on front burner on and on, yet the only resolution of this issue may be in a massive grass root revolt, rather than in hopes that entirely failed political system will ever wish to touch this issue, which is buried deeper and deeper away from the sight with every passing year.

  6. Kamala Harris’ threatening to run for the office of the president of the United States of America (POTUS) could be a good thing. It could re-open mass dialog of who is or what it takes to be a natural born (U.S.) Citizen.

    Ten or more years is a long time since the false prophet, aka Barry HUSSEIN Zer0Bama, was foisted by the DNC in 2008 as their dream presidential candidate. I am positive that not all of the new of U.S. citizens that have become of voting age have all been brain-washed by the Congressional Research Service on the definition of a natural born (U.S.) Citizen.

    By keeping this issue on the front burner by another ineligible person to run for the POTUS, there may exist a tripwire that eventually will lead to the prosecution of the putative POTUS #44 and those that covertly enabled him.

    The above statements hopefully do not sound as though I minimize the efforts done by the Sheriff Arpaio team and by all the facts that have been previously disclosed by all commenters on this website who declare Zer0Bama as a fake, a fraud, and a forger POTUS.

  7. If it is unknown if her parents were naturalized before her birth then it is also unknown if they were *ever* naturalized at all. Even if they claim that they were, why should they be believed? Clearly, with a daughter as radically leftist as Kamala, she must be a chip off the old block. But since she was born before the minimum 5 year waiting period had passed, it is incontrovertible that they were still aliens when she was born. So she can never be eligible.

  8. Harris is NOT eligible to be President. Her Indian Mother and her Jamaican Father were not naturalized when Kamala Harris was born. She is NOT an NBC. Looks like I have my work cut out for me protesting her candidacy and that of any other prospective usurpers. THIS has got to stop now or else foreign influence in our affairs will have a devastating effect on our sovereignty. We need John Jay’s help.

  9. It seems to me that Harris and Cruz have lots in common. Both had at least one foreign parent and both resided in Canada before residing in the United States. Neither are a NBC.

  10. It’s ridiculous to ask Kamala Harris anything, or rely on her answers: she is nothing, a made up puppet, just like Obama. In free nations it’s an opposition party which raises such questions and demands the opponents to answer.

    In America, alas, besides a few dissidents, there is no opposition party. In 2008 the so called “repooplican” party ran their impostor McCain and acknowledge legitimacy of the impostor Obama – the opponent. In 2012 the repoops banned Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio from reporting a list of criminal indictments on Obama – the opponent. In 2016 GOP ran 4 impostors including the “constitutional stalwart” Crook Cruz.

    As “We the sheeple” think only in the terms of this two fixed “parties”, who will ask? Whom? Who will enforce the Constitution? How to consider legitimacy of that Harris if the obvious flying into face imposture of Obama is still unacknowledged? Only new parties like http://judeochristianamerica.org/ and massive protests at the grass root level can do this.

  11. Ted Cruz is still an issue we know is not settled. We as common people and common voters are not treated with the respect we deserve and that must change. We are ignored by congress, the senate, local district attorneys, local judges, state Secretary of State and State Attorney Generals. Even State Supreme Courts. Not finished.