Enough Already! Have the Military Build the Wall Now


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2018

Photo credit: jeonsango at Pixabay

(Dec. 11, 2018) — Catch and release – Not illegal aliens but poor immigrants – Please keep focusing on the small number of women and children coming across the border.  Above all keep playing “pretend” as we allow the forces of hell to race across the border to maim, rape, steal and kill countless Americans while we pay their bill.

Without a real border wall that Trump ran on and won, Christmas will be grand this year for the violent cartel, gang and ISIS members as they come caroling across our country with evil, crime and death for us all.  Want a little wassail with that gunshot to your gut?  Don’t you dare sit there and whine about the pain in your gut and stolen car; just think of the suffering of the guy who just shot you.  Didn’t he look hungry and didn’t you deep in your heart deserve it because you were a Trump supporter and conservative?

Trump is meeting yet again with the liberal Democrat leadership, Schumer and Pelosi, who not only hate Trump and want him impeached and arrested, but would rather die or become a Republican Trump supporter than have a border wall to actually protect Americans. Democrats continue to ignore and redo the facts regarding who is coming across our borders every day.

President Trump knows what the outcome will be with Schumer and Pelosi and all their sellout Democrat horde – no wall – no money, and there is the door, Mr. President.  There is no more time to waste with the “wall talk.” It is high time to have our military build the wall.  Trump must slam the military ACE on the table no matter how glazed and psychotic the media and liberals get.

No more negotiations with those who choose to betray America and our safety.  No more political games and posturing.  Trump must show his loyal base and most of America who support a border wall that he will do this no matter what the insane fallout is.  We know Trump’s courage and honor and that no one else will dare to do this.

It is time to leave the anti-protection and lying liberals in the dust.  America wants to stay alive.  Mr. President, please build the wall through the military for national security reasons.

Go, Trump.

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