What is Australia Doing in Poland?


by Viv Forbes, ©2018, The Saltbush Club

(Dec. 2, 2018) — The climateers are celebrating their 24th annual shindig in Poland – COP24.

Here are three questions for PM Morrison and his ministers:

Who represents Australia?

What authority have they got?

Will there be a report to the Australian people?

Australia should sign nothing, agree to nothing and signal its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

COP24 will produce zero benefits for Earth’s climate, but their goals are economically irresponsible.

The Paris Agreement they seek to enforce is negative for the Australian people, and for everyone not on the climate gravy train.

Credit: OCHA

Viv Forbes


Washpool   Qld Australia


Brazil withdraws the welcome mat to Climateers:

2 Responses to "What is Australia Doing in Poland?"

  1. helen   Friday, December 14, 2018 at 11:53 PM

    Why the government is thieving our hard paid taxes to propping up global warming would be a mystery if it wasn’t such a rort. Take the subsidies away and see if renewables are cheaper than conventional power. By conventional I mean, coal, gas and nuclear. If the capital goes elsewhere, then it was never, ever cheaper, or going to be. Australia was the envy of the world with our abundant coal and cheap power. now we are almost the basket case, with a tripling of power prices to prop up renewables (on top of the other subsidies). At the end of the day it is the poor that pay.

  2. Helen   Monday, December 3, 2018 at 1:39 AM

    The Australian public should know what happens at COP24. We should know what Australia has signed on to. Lord Monkton has studied the Global Warming Hoax. He has some good information.

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