Trump Need do Only One Thing to Stop the Madness


by Anonymous

(Nov. 27, 2018) — As almost anyone can see, the cacophony of “collusion” from the mainstream media, including overseas outlets which would like to see President Trump removed from office, is not going to stop unless Trump does this one thing.

According to Obama “long-form” birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo, Americans have been deceived about Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential eligibility at a level not seen before in our history.

Also according to Zullo, the White House is now in possession of the full complement of evidence compiled from his 5+-year investigation, authorized by then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, into the image, said to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

In the past, Zullo has claimed that the question about Obama’s birthplace and life narrative could be solved quickly if the FBI were to be tasked with discovering it.

The Democrats, who have pledged to issue subpoena after subpoena and open a slew of investigations to thwart Trump’s presidency; the Mueller “Russia collusion” probe looking for a crime; and the treacherous Republicans and Democrats who have pretended that the birth certificate image is authentic would all be stopped in their tracks if Trump produced the truth about the fake document.

Nancy Pelosi, who Trump believes should serve as the next Speaker of the House, would be pointedly questioned as to why her signature appears on official 2008 presidential nomination forms certifying that Obama was nominated as a presidential candidate and not that he was constitutionally eligible.

The same applies to her signature on the 2008 forms from the Hawaii Democrat Party, which refused to certify Obama as constitutionally eligible despite a state law requiring the presence of that wording for political candidates.

Order the FBI to track down the individual who uploaded the image, who created it, who conspired to create it “with the intent to deceive,” and everyone else who knows that it’s a fraud.  Commission a report and post it on your Twitter timeline and at At least it will be authentic, unlike the sloppy image hastily put out there to fool gullible Americans when you yourself were asking the Obama regime uncomfortable questions.

The noise will stop and the criminals will flee.  Your agenda can then advance, and the media, most of which spouts the “fake news” you dislike so much, will be forced to admit that they acted as co-conspirators in this nasty scheme to defraud all voters.  Indict all who were involved, then clean out the FBI and Justice Department so that never again will a foreign-born usurper sit in the Oval Office and “fundamentally transform America” from a free society to a socialist gulag where innocent people are locked up and the forgers get to walk free.

Do this one thing, and everything else will come crashing down.

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  1. Gary Wilmott   Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 5:06 PM

    Trump’s supposed self-humiliation – agreeing that Obama was “in fact” born in Hawaii – was political expediency at it’s best. It got him elected president of the United States and with it the power to make 180 degree course correction to present the truth to the American people at a future time during his presidency. IMO Donald Trump has no idea or at least no better idea than I do as to where the fraud known as Barack Hussein Obama was born. Nevertheless there is so much evidence of Obama’s identity fraud and lack of constitutional eligibility that Barry has to be vigilant so long as Trump is in the White House. Who knows? Obama may have to flee the country and go into in exile. There is no question that Donald Trump has the knowledge and the power to expose Barry for the anti-American fraud he truly is. Question is what exactly is holding him (Trump) back?

  2. Alexander Gofen   Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 2:23 PM

    To Mr. Jim Delaney : On item #1 your skepticism is baseless. Mr. Trump took a deep look into the Obama’s imposture long before 2016. And the last press conference of Sheriff Arpaio took place in December 2016, after Trump already publicly humiliated himself by acknowledging his “guilt” of questioning Obama’s legitimacy. Trump surely is (must be) informed.

    Your skepticism on item #2, alas, is very valid: everything which has been happening since 2008 up to this very moment, every statement of each and every filthy elected reprehensible only confirms, that the government and the ruling class are determined to bury the issue of usurpation forever and to suppress any attempts of its exposure. Besides evasion of prosecution of their crime, one of their very pronounced goals is to WATER DOWN or erase the definition “born to citizen parents on the soil” – as GOP aggressively did in 2016. Indeed, each and every individual in the US government lost its soul (if they had any) more so than apparatchiks of the USSR which incredibly did repent (though partially) about Stalinism in 1956 – see [1,2].

    Therefore the only hope for salvation is in the remnants of “we the people” of this nation. We must not allow to bury this issue. We must disrupt and embarrass in a civil manner every public gathering of any politicians. We must dismantle GOP in disgust, civilly disrupt its every local chapter and throw out the chairs. We must establish a party like whose first goal is to NOT allow to bury the imposture – and this goal alone requires a party! Only our determination has a chance to make a difference.


    1. Sharon Rondeau   Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 3:38 PM

      The Post & Email advocates for peaceful political activism and discourse; therefore, any participation in “public gatherings of politicians” should be carried out respectfully and without violence of any kind.

  3. jim delaney   Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 10:34 AM

    If true, I’m very pleased–indeed, surprised and relieved– that all the evidence needed to prove Obama’s ineligibility are in possession of the White House. With regard to disclosing this embarrassaing evidence to the public, I’d like to think that Trump is biding his time before doing so. AND can we trust the FBI to timely and objectively supplement existing evidence with info gleaned from its own investigation. That said, no one should be surprised that I remain deeply skeptical that 1) Trump has all the info needed, and 2) that the evidence will be puiblicly disclosed. This whole thing has dragged on so long, at this point it is near impossible for me to believe that the “truth” in this matter, whatever that actually entails, will EVER come out. My humble opinion is that Obama and Clinton will skate free and justice will be forever denied the American People. Sick to my stomach over the glacial pace of this investigation and efforts to disclose.

  4. Robert Laity   Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 1:39 AM

    The Usurpation of OUR Presidency has already happened twice with “#21” and “#44”. Both Obama and Chester Arthur were ineligible under A2S1C5, USConst. So was McCain and so is Rubio, Cruz,Jindal,Swarzenegger and Harris. They floodgates of usurpation have been opened by nonfeasant and malfeasant public officials and Judges who continue to look the other way.

    It may sound strange coming from me but President Trump appears not to be doing what he should be doing. He MUST bring Obama to Justice. The evidence must not be ignored. This is a moral imperative with prospective serious existential repercussions should others,like Harris and the other DQ’d candidates, be allowed to repeat the heinous act of usurping the US Presidency, by fraud, during time of war. Usurpation of the Presidency during war time constitutes treason and espionage. The penalty for which under law, is execution. See: 18USC, Part 1, Chapter 115, Sec. 2381 and 10USC, Sec. 906 Article 106, Spies. Obama, by usurping the Presidency, during a time when this nation was fighting wars, became a spy under 10 USC. He committed Treason by swearing allegiance to the US with no intention of honoring that falsely taken oath of office.

  5. Alexander Gofen   Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 4:49 PM

    In reply to Mr. Anonymous:

    Indeed, you are right (even if a bit late [1]). This cacophony of “collusion”, this farce of the LITERAL implementation of the “Emperor’s clothes” plot ON THE NATIONAL SCALE is unprecedented in history in its baseness, ugliness – and the consequences.

    Now this cacophony and farce takes place ONLY because Pres. Trump COOPERATES with his accusers by not using his trump card (the full exposure of the 2008-2016 usurpation) against them; and because of all hundreds of elected “reprehensibles”, and of thousands of other politicians, party apparatchiks, and big mouth talk hosts there is not one like Academician Sakharov or like other dissidents of the former USSR.

    It’s not at issue that finally the “White House is now in possession of the full evidence” – as though the White house were ignorant about the usurpation before! Pres. Trump was fully aware about the usurpation even before his presidency – but he cowardly reneged from his own and others efforts to expose the usurpation in 2016. He grossly humiliated himself publicly apologizing and acknowledging legitimacy of the impostor. And he continues his humiliation (and betraying of his duty) right now by cooperating with his accusers instead of exposing them (“them” being entirely three branches of the US government top down and all parties).

    The solution is not in “opening Trump’s eyes”, but in FORCING him to follow his duty by engaging him and others in a public dialogue AGAINST THEIR WILL; by engaging him and others in a public dialogue so many times and so laud, that this dialogue be neither suppressible nor ignored.

    You are setting a misleading goal “The noise will stop and the criminals will flee”! On the contrary: the noise must GROW into the thunder storm! The main criminals must NOT be allowed to flee, but all CAUGHT, prosecuted and convicted – and the number of them (meaning only of the main culprits) is in hundreds!

    And you also underestimate the crime: it’s not only the 2011 production of a forged BC with impossible content, but also stolen SS# of Connecticut, other forgeries of personal docs (on court records thanks to Dr. Taitz); it’s a suspicious death of Ms. Fuddy of Hawaii in 2013; and it’s into-the-face imposture since 2008 (by officially not being not born to both American citizens).

    1. We admonished Mr. Trump (in personal and open letters) to fully expose the ineligibility already in 2016 , and since then I kept bringing this issue non-stop in thousands posts. See other articles on the topic


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