Conversation on a US Navy Destroyer


by OPOVV, ©2018

Chinese military general Sun Tzu is credited with writing “The Art of War”

(Nov. 6, 2018) — “Hey, Sparks, what’s the latest skinny?”

“Earth-shattering, so keep your socks on. Instead of going around in circles to the port, starting at 2400 we’re to go around to starboard.”

“I’m already dizzy.”

“So think of it as unwinding.”

“That’ll work.”

“So what’s with these Chinese? They have things that’ll float and they go around in circles in the South China Sea, but to consider them a blue water Navy is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?”

“That Chinese philosopher, Sun Tzu, wrote in The Art of War that underestimating your enemy is how to lose the war, or fight, or battle.”

“Or all three, and all at the same time.”

“So the Chinese navy is a contender?”

“No, I didn’t say that. What I meant was that the Chinese read the same stuff we’ve read, and probably even more about how to exploit our weaknesses, so maybe they want us to think they’re not as capable as they really are.”

“Or aren’t really as capable as we think they are so we end up over-protecting areas when we should be protecting something else.”

“Like what?”

“Well, from supply depots to sending ‘comfort girls’ affected with STD‘s; you name it, and they’ll do it.”

“Or don’t name it and they’ll do it anyway.”


“Only if we don’t prepare.”

“So how do you know what to prepare for?”

“Ask the lowest of the low: a Navy Snipe.”

“Not an Admiral?”

“No way. You see, an Admiral will think in the box, whereas the Snipe doesn’t even have a box, understand?”

“What about a Navy Deck Ape?”

“Same as a snipe but different.”

“Oh. So you think there’ll be fraudulent elections?”

“Well, sure: everyone knows that requiring a voter to prove that they’re legally able to vote through an identification card with signature and photograph would solve the problem. I mean, we don’t have that requirement so of course there’ll be fraud*.”

“Why not use a driver’s license? Why not combine the two? I mean, ID for driving and voting?”

“Why not? It’ll stop voter fraud, that’s why not. You see, the Democrats want to be able to commit fraud. Look, this isn’t like hard to understand, but if you had a choice to pay higher taxes and take home less money or pay less taxes and take home more money, now what do you think?”

“So what’s the big deal? Why isn’t a voter ID required?”

“People just don’t care about America, I guess.”

“I guess you’re right.”

[*fraud: this is just me speaking, one lowly Navy guy who suffered 17 years of dreading sleep every night, afraid of having another nightmare. Here’s the point: I didn’t go through hell so Maxine Waters, Ocasio-Cortez, Eric Holder, Obama, Hillary and all the other Left-Wing Loonies can destroy my country.

I didn’t put my life on the line so some spoiled brat can kneel during our National Anthem, and if they don’t like my attitude, too bad. I earned the right: they didn’t, it’s as simple as that.

I paid my dues in spades when they’ve just lived off the sweat and the heartbreak of others. I behaved with honor while they behave like leeches, sucking the blood out of what it took to make America the Beacon of Freedom for the World.

They want to destroy, but they’ll have to go through me and millions of others like me to render America just another Socialist cesspool.]

Battle Hymn of the Republic” (4:44)


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