by Sharon Rondeau, h/t GW

(Oct. 17, 2018) — On Tuesday evening’s edition of “The Five,” co-host Jesse Watters compared the results of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent DNA test to Barack Hussein Obama’s embracing of a “birth certificate,” which Watters said never would have occurred had the document not been authentic.

His comments begin at 3:10 in a video reproduction of the show and belie the fact that a 5+-year criminal investigation showed, with concurrence by two outside and unrelated forensic experts, that the birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” on April 27, 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”

A Stanford University researcher produced an October 10, 2018 report which said that Warren likely has Native American ancestry going back 6-10 generations, amounting to approximately 1/1032 Native American blood.  However, the report states that Mexican and South American DNA was used to make that determination because “(It is not possible to use Native American reference sequences from inside the United States, since Native American groups within the US have not chosen to participate in recent population genetics studies.)”

As the tenuousness with which Warren is tied to Native American ancestry began to emerge, members of the Cherokee Tribal Nation have demanded that Warren apologize.

“It’s all coming unraveling,” Watters continued. “…She came out and thought she scored at first, and so did the media…and then all of a sudden, now she’s at war with the Cherokee Nation…It’s kind-of like this analogy: Remember the birth certificate with Barack Obama, Juan? Imagine if Obama gets the birth certificate and he looks at it and it’s not up to snuff; you know, it’s forged, it’s not real…do you think he would have then put it out?  That’s what Warren did; she got the results, and it’s only 1/1000th, and she thought that that was going to be a winning move, and she put it out!  That’s how out-of-touch she is, and I’m just astonished that this is actually happening.”

Watters went on to say that President Trump has said he will not uphold his pledge to donate $1 million to a charity of Warren’s choice, as he had offered in July, if a DNA test showed she “is an Indian.”  “‘I will give you a million dollars, to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian,’ The Hill reported Trump as having said at the time.

Trump has frequently ridiculed Warren, who may run for president in 2020, referring to her as “Pocahontas.”

In the past Warren claimed to be a “woman of color” and to have a mother and grandmother who related stories of Delaware and Cherokee Indian ancestry.   She reportedly used her alleged Native American heritage as leverage in obtaining law school professorships.

In an article in the Baton Rouge “Advocate” on May 10, 2012, “The [Boston] Herald reported that Warren used to list herself as ‘Native American’ in law school directories while teaching at several law schools across the country in the 1980s and 90s. She dropped the reference from her biography after she was hired at Harvard Law School in the 1990s at a time when protesting students and faculty have been pressuring the school to hire more minority female faculty.”


Warren’s DNA study shows that “the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor.”

Co-host Juan Williams, a Trump opponent, responded to Watters by excoriating the president for allegedly failing to follow through on his pledge and instead stipulating that he would have to test Warren personally in order to consider the results valid.

Warren is facing re-election in Massachusetts next month in addition to having announced days ago that following the midterms, she will “seriously consider” whether or not she will run for president.  Many questioned the timing of the results of her DNA study on Monday given the many closely-watched congressional races which will be decided in less than three weeks.

In 1995, The Harvard Crimson reported Warren as “Native American,” apparently without having acquired any proof of Warren’s claim.  As reported by Breitbart, Warren was described the following year by the Fordham Law Review as a “woman of color.”

The purpose of the test, according to the researcher who performed it, was to “analyze genetic data from an individual of European descent and determine if there is reliable evidence of Native American and/or African ancestry.”  The examiner, Prof. Carlos D. Bustamante, Ph.D. of Stanford University, added on his report that “The identity of the sample donor, Elizabeth Warren, was not known to the analyst during the time the work was performed.”

Williams said that he found Watters’s comparison of the Obama “birth certificate” matter to Warren’s DNA test “so timely,” as in 2011 Trump had for months demanded that the White House release Obama’s “long-form” birth record to answer questions about his presidential eligibility.

Both Williams and Watters referred to Trump’s $1 million charity offer to Warren as “a bet,” which it was not.

While the Obama birth certificate investigation was ongoing, then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who commissioned it via his volunteer “Cold Case Posse,” termed the fraudulent document an issue of “national security” and called upon Congress to investigate. However, neither the people’s elected representatives, the FBI nor the U.S. Justice Department indicated any interest in discovering why a forgery was posted “with the intent to deceive.”

Since the Arpaio probe ended in December 2016, lead investigator Mike Zullo has strongly intimated that Obama’s CIA Director, John O. Brennan, was involved in seeing that the fraudulent image was uploaded to the White House website.


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  1. For Obama to go back on the campaign trail, in my humble opinion , he appears nervous . His voice, speech are terrible. He no longer sound like a “genius” . He is himself now “communist Marxist radical.
    He probably increased his consommation of “whatever”.
    Equal justice is on the way .

  2. I am surprised that Foxy TV let Jesse remark to anything in relationship to Obummers birth
    certificate. I thought “mom” was the word / or they had had a “tight lipped policy” not to mention the birth certificate.

    Some time ago I recall Hannity “snapped” and got nasty hostile to a caller to his show inquiring about “Barry’s” birth certificate. Nor have I forgotten that Lt. Zullo was canned one day before a scheduled show with Hannity (07/19/2012). Moreover, I didn’t forget a Hannity show with Trump thumping Barry’s fraud credentials in which Hannity was mute (07/18/2012).
    Still, as I recall Foxy also canned a show scheduled with Dr. Corsi about his book of fake Barry (05/17/2011). P.S. these noted dates are accurate to within a day.

    That DNA testing and that released Birth Certificate are the same it that both are fabricated lies to deceive for a gainful purpose. Is Walters sincere here or just hauling the water for Foxy TV too?

  3. If the DNA used to compare Warren’s DNA was authentic Native American and not Mexican and South American, the MOST that Trump would have to pay Warren would be $970 since she would then be 0.097% Native American. As it is, she has 0.097% Mexican/south American lineage and not “native American” as she claimed. What a motley crew of mendacious miscreants Democrats have become. Obama is a master “taqyist”.

  4. From what I understand no Native American DNA was compared in order to determine Warren’s heritage and that the miniscule 0.097% DNA (1/1024ths) was not even Native American but Hispanic. In any event, if the test is to be believed, Warren is 99.1% “other than” Native American. Gary’s mention of Jesse Watters leads me to his recent disclosure that HE is “49% Black”. It was also noted that “the average American has more native American DNA then Warren has”.

  5. Single terms of office for all three legs of the US Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) through a Constitutional Amendment could help eliminate a multitude of nonsense in this Constitutional Republic such as the Warren (I don’t give a rat’s behind) DNA report.

    Our Founding Fathers had a lot of foresight logic on the future of this USA, but they never envisioned that the government would be turned over to insane liberals.

  6. Similarities ??

    Pokahauntus just took Her best shot at an industrial strength clean-up of Her Lying claim to fame…
    Which did nothing more, than substantiate She’s 98.5 % … Fake

    Whereas Barry’s BC is 100% Fake.

  7. It looks as though the lunacy of “gender identity” is now morphing into “race identity.” We are moving forward in an “Alinskyesque” fashion from gender confusion and adding racial confusion to this cultural absurdity.

    All the while… the public is focusing on the trivial and not watching the man behind the curtain. Will this dissuade the voters of Massachusetts? This will be the true indicator of how deeply the effects of reprobate minded thinking are ingrained into their society.