by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 3, 2018) — As of 11:00 AM EDT Wednesday, the “legacy” media remains silent on a letter released by the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday night from a former long-term, live-in boyfriend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford which claims that he observed her helping a close friend prepare for a polygraph test, contradicting her sworn testimony in front of the committee last Thursday.

As of this writing, multiple media outlets have reported the new development in the accusation Ford made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was nominated in July by President. Donald Trump to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court left by the retiring Anthony Kennedy.

Outlets which have reported about the letter received by the committee include, The Washington Examiner, Breitbart, The Federalist, National Review, and Fox News, which broke the news of the letter.

MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times and CNN have aggressively reported on multiple accusations against Kavanaugh, all arising after his week of confirmation hearings was concluded and none of which has been corroborated to the public’s knowledge. Kavanaugh has faced unprecedented backlash from Senate Democrats and left-leaning organizations, including those with connections to George Soros, according to multiple reports.

On Friday, the retiring Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) appeased committee Democrats by agreeing to place a caveat on his affirmative vote on Kavanaugh that an additional FBI investigation, to last no longer than a week, be conducted into the allegations made against Kavanaugh. Although in agreement with that compromise, no committee Democrat voted “yea” on the nomination.

Fox reported that the FBI’s new look at Kavanaugh’s background could be concluded as early as today.

With 11 Republicans and ten Democrats, Kavanaugh was approved in committee affirmatively and the nomination sent to the full Senate, which on Friday night voted to open debate. Since Monday, senators have been speaking on the floor to voice their approval or disapproval of Kavanaugh as the next U.S. Supreme Court associate justice.

Following Ford’s testimony on Thursday, Kavanaugh gave an impassioned rebuttal to her claim that he sexually assaulted her while both were attending separate, private high schools in the suburban Washington, DC area.  Supporters praised his obvious attempt to defend his honor and integrity as well as his family from vicious attacks, while detractors criticized Kavanaugh’s remarks as highly partisan and unbecoming of a federal judge.

While Ford has produced no corroborating witnesses nor any evidence of her claim, Democrats continue to make the case that Kavanaugh is not fit for a seat with a “lifetime appointment.” However, in 2006, he was confirmed to a “lifetime appointment” on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Washington, DC Circuit, during which time none of the legacy media has produced a report of a complaint relative to his performance.

As more questions arise as to the accuracy of claims made by Ford, former Yale College student Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick, the legacy media has shifted its criticism of Kavanaugh from sexual assault to alleged heavy drinking while he was in high school and college.

On Monday The New York Times used as evidence to support its narrative a 1985 police report showing that Kavanaugh reportedly threw ice at another bar attendee in New Haven, CT while he attended Yale College. Police records show that Kavanaugh was not arrested nor charged with an infraction.

One of the article’s authors, Emily Bazelon, had already exhibited anti-Kavanaugh sentiment in her Twitter feed.  The Times now says that it “regrets” allowing Bazelon to contribute to Monday’s revelation of Kavanaugh’s ice-throwing.

In a letter to Ford’s legal team on Tuesday night, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley again requested documentation relevant to Ford’s claims, including the data supporting a polygraph examiner’s conclusion that Ford was likely not lying when she took an August 7, 2018 polygraph in a Maryland hotel room with one of her attorneys in attendance. The examiner’s report is unsigned.  Ford’s written statement as to what she said occurred “in the 1980s” contains multiple cross-outs and is inconsistent with other statements she has made about the alleged incident.

During her testimony, Ford stated that the polygraph test was “long” and “very stressful,” yet according to the report summary submitted by her attorneys to the committee, only two questions were asked.

Ford additionally said she cannot remember how she got home on the evening of the alleged assault.  At age 15, she was not licensed to drive; no one has come forward to say that he or she drove Ford home. The distance between the vicinity Ford identified as the scene of alleged house party is some 6½ miles from where she lived at the time, according to a map presented during Thursday’s hearing by special sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell.

Mitchell questioned Ford on behalf of committee Republicans at their request.  On Sunday, Mitchell produced a report which said that a “reasonable prosecutor” would not pursue Ford’s claim due to a lack of evidence and inconsistencies in her responses.

When Democrats spoke during the hearing, it was generally to make political statements or to praise Ford for her “courage” in coming forward with her uncorroborated allegation.

An individual who submitted what he later said was a false claim against Kavanaugh regarding an assault in a boat off the coast of Rhode Island decades ago was referred by Grassley to the Justice Department and FBI for possible criminal prosecution.

The former boyfriend’s letter also refutes Ford’s claims that she became claustrophobic and developed a fear of airplane travel which she attributed to the alleged assault in 1982. “While visiting Ford in Hawaii, we traveled around the Hawaiian islands [sic] including one time on a propeller plane,” he wrote. “Dr. Ford never indicated a fear of flying. To the best of my recollection Dr. Ford never expressed a fear of close quarters, tight spaces or places with only one exit. I assisted Dr. Ford with finding a place to live in XXXXX CA. She ended up living in a very small, 500 sq. ft. house with one door,” he added, in apparent response to Ford’s claim that during house renovations in 2012, she insisted to her husband that they include a second front door to their home.

Paul Sperry of RealClearInvestigations found through property records that the last building permit requested on the Fords’ home was in 2008 and that the renovations were completed in 2010.

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  1. Gary you are so right, and to your list I would and Foxy Media. The fake media revenue
    ( “mother’s milk” ) needs to be restricted and then perhaps they might “get their minds right” to report “honest news”. Indeed, by “reducing their rating” and thus “getting funny with their money” could get them to report “real news” or even better get them out of the news business.
    Because if their fake and fabricated news, I avoid the alphabet slop. Long live P&E and other
    media that strive to report “true news”. I also like WND and Canada Free Press. And I know
    of other excellent media. They, the good ones, all have niches to fill. With and because of
    true media, America and the world has a chance.

  2. Excuse me left wing media:

    While discussing his adolescent behavior, Obama said, “I was a thug for a big part of my growing up,” adding that he was “mischievous.”

    “I didn’t take school that seriously,” Obama continued. “I got into fights. I drank and did —and consumed substances that weren’t always legal.”

    Obama noted that some of his behavior “was self-destructive,” saying, “I might have drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class, things like that.”

  3. We need a massive national media boycott of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC. They are truly the greatest enemy of America right now. The people need to bring these frauds to their knees. Until we can get fair and truthful reporting it will always be an uphill battle to take back OUR country.