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President Trump has extinguished all hopes that USA will join the Paris Climate Agreement. Since then, other countries are heading towards the Climate Exit. An increasing number of prominent people are joining the campaign to counter the falsehood that man-made CO2 emissions drive global climates, and to expose the threat that UN agencies will take control of every aspect of our lives. The list of dissidents includes:

Tim Ball of Canada led the rush for the exit:
“Canada has more culpability than any other nation for creating and perpetuating the climate deception. It is not an exaggeration to say that Canada was central to creating and mobilizing the false claim of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).”

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Marc Marano from USA continues to press the need for Clexit:

Graham Williamson from Australia explains why this is not just about climate alarm and the war on coal – there is a far deeper agenda. This not-so-secret agenda covers climate regulations and carbon taxes, paying climate “debts’, enforcing sustainability, control of education, wealth re-distribution, enforcing  a new world order, controlling national boundaries and migration, enforcing global environmental laws and preventing environmental backsliding by deplorables.

Graham says:
“We also need UNexit.”

Once we are out of the Paris Climate Agreement we should review our membership of and contributions to all UN Agencies that threaten our sovereignty and our prosperity.

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Nils-Axel Morner from Sweden supports the need for world-wide Clexit and writes on the treason of the Swedish establishment:

“The Bolin-Palme treason against Science, the IPCC and Paris illusions, and a Clexit solution.”

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Professor Bernard Beauzamy from Paris says:
“France Too Needs to Clexit the Paris Climate Agreement.”

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Roger Tattersall from UK (which is battling to escape the suffocating blanket of the EU Brexit and Clexit.) writes:
“Brexit and Clexit – Leave-Means-Leave”

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Herman A (Alex) Pope (retired from NASA in Houston in 2007) writes:
“Climate changes in natural cycles and man does not cause them.”

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Jerry Ellis AO (Retired Chairman BHP, retired Chancellor Monash University, and retired Chairman of Landcare) says:  “I hope our new government abandons the Paris Agreement.”

He is supported by Bob Beatty, Brisbane, who says –
“Australia must Clexit – Leave While We Still Can.”

Jane M. Orient, M.D., physician, President Doctors for Disaster Preparedness says: “Why We Should all Clexit.”

She also invites us to take this Climate change IQ Test:

Finally, Germany’s Grand Plan to Abolish Carbon Fuels Fails:
And the UN admits that the Paris deal was a fraud:

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