by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. Devin Nunes is chairman of the House Permanent Subcommittee on Intelligence, which has been investigating alleged abuse of power within the DOJ and FBI

(Sep. 16, 2018) — On today’s edition of “Sunday Morning Futures” hosted by Maria Bartiromo, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told Bartiromo that he believes President Trump “doesn’t have any choice” but to declassify documents associated with the FISA warrants obtained on Trump campaign foreign-policy advisor Dr. Carter Page over approximately a year.

“The walls are beginning to close in on the corrupt officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI,” Nunes told Bartiromo early in his interview.  “The mainstream media is not covering this…We’ve known this for a long time…We believe that the depositions that we took…need to be published…before the election…so that they can see the work that we did…I expect to make those available from our committee to the American public here in the next few weeks.”

“We need this information out before the election,” Nunes added in regard to November’s midterm elections of the entire House of Representatives and one-third  of the Senate.

Four warrants on Carter Page were granted between October 2016 and June 2017 by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), which operates in secret and reportedly held no hearings on the applications submitted from FBI and Justice Department officials.

The centerpiece, if not the entirety, of the “evidence” presented to the court for the warrants was the now-infamous Trump-Russia “dossier” compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele.  Not only was Steele on the record as having a strong anti-Trump bias, but he was also commissioned to compile the dossier by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton campaign through the private opposition-research firm Fusion GPS.  Steele was paid through a law firm, Perkins Coie, acting as an intermediary for the DNC/Clinton campaign.

As revealed in documents obtained through a FOIA lawsuit by the government-watchdog organization Judicial Watch, the FBI and DOJ did not inform the court that their “evidence” consisted of politically-motivated material.  Moreover, the contents of the dossier, clearly intended to smear the Republican presidential nominee, have never been verified, nor have Steele’s sources been identified.

For more than a year, several congressional committees have been seeking to learn the justification for the FBI’s launching of a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign at some point in 2016. Text messages released by the Justice Department over the last several months show at least two former FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, appearing to scheme against the Trump campaign and assure that uncomplimentary news articles were issued by the mainstream media about the Carter Page surveillance warrants.

Later in the broadcast, Rep. John Ratcliffe, who sits on the Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees, said that the “more than 70” interviewees asked about the “evidence” they had regarding “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia responded in the same way:  that there was none.  He said that included Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

Ratcliffe said that this week, Nellie Ohr, wife of demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr, will be testifying to members of Congress.  He also predicted that the “not-so-nice way” to bring in former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and former FBI Director James Comey will likely be invoked in apparent response to those parties’ failure to accept invitations to testify rather than subpoenas.

This post was updated at 12:20 p.m. EDT to include links to the now-posted video of the broadcast.



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  1. Call me naive, but Devin Nunes is one of the very few politicians I trust. He and his family have been under a lot of pressure and have been threatened by the loons on the left. I pray for his safety and the safety of our president. Drain the Swamp!

  2. ALL TALK and NO SHOCK 08-28-08- 2018

    A protected 9-to-5 perked and pensioned government-citizenry complicit in Constitution Prostitution to help CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT-CITIZEN LEADERS cover-up Fake-presIDent Soetoro-Obama II (SO2), Benghazi massacre, ignition of the Middle East’s Christian death fest via fake “Arab Spring”, Uranium One Sellout, Terror Tehran Steal Deal, SOS Hillary email-gate, The Soros’ Soetoros Spygate, et al, et al, et al!

    Our unionized untouchable government-citizenry is out of control with a life of its own!

    Here are two patterns of government-citizen behavior I have detected as a political junkie since 2013:

    1. Government-citizens protect their own with Cartoon (Just Us) Justice and INVESTIGATE TO DEATH to remove all lawmaker-caught-lawbreaker scandals.

    2. Government-citizens wouldn’t care if Hitler became president just as long as they keep their unionized untouchable career-perks and pensions:

    >Pelosi forges SO2’s passport into the White House and Deep State covers for them

    >Hillary and DNC frame Donald Trump and the DOJ/FBI/yellow-stream-media assist her

    >Country folks out-vote CITY STUPIDITY voters via Constitutional Electoral College yet SO2 and his Obamacrat government-citizens are allowed to undermine our legal President Trump with impunity!


    1. Government-citizens who foment politics of chaos [ANARCHY] by actively refusing to punish their own lawbreakers = lawbreakers protected by investigative lawbreakers

    2. Private-citizens who are content with a passive complaint-and-compliant response [APATHY] to the endless parade of today’s unaccounted government-citizen lawbreaking

    Here is today’s latest MUST READ book on government-citizen lawbreaking:

    WILL THE P&E approach Attorney Gregg Jarrett at his home in Stamford, CT to do a historic video on government-citizen’s Russia Hoax and GOVERNMENT-CITIZEN SO2 HOAX?

    JD Mooers, a PE who supports The P&E

  3. Hot thread at http://www.thegatewaypundit.com on Obama’s fraud. It was started because Arpaio just said at at the Gateway Eagle Council in St. Louis that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. I am posting there as roberted. Need help because too many people are saying, “it’s too late, what difference does it make?”. I hate it when they say that.