by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 11, 2018) — On Tuesday the Twitter account of “AlwaysActions” posted a portion of an NBC News video of then-businessman and real estate developer Donald Trump in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on New York City.

During the 2:17 interview, Trump was asked about his reaction to the attack, which he called “a terrible thing for the world.”

He said he had “hundreds of men working inside right now” as obvious cleanup operations were occurring in the background outside.

Trump acknowledged that the conditions in which his employees were working to clear debris from what is now known as “Ground Zero” were “very dangerous” and “very depressing.”

Several people have since died from medical complications following their service at Ground Zero.

The reporter asked Trump if he believed it to be “possible” that more survivors might be found against the backdrop of the recent rescue of six firefighters.

NBC first reported on-screen, and Trump noted the number of rescued firefighters to be “five” while speaking to the reporter, with NBC later captioning that “six” had been found alive.

In response, Trump said, “I would certainly not want to be the one to say it’s not possible.  Certainly, it’s a tough situation, but you can’t give up hope, because there’s always hope.”

The then-55-year-old Trump opined, “I cannot believe the sight of Lower Manhattan without the World Trade Center.  We have to rebuild.”

As president on Tuesday morning, Trump and First Lady Melania traveled to Shanksville, PA, where 33 passengers and seven crew members of Flight 93 voted to rush the cockpit in an attempt to wrest control of the airliner from four jihadis.

The airliner had departed from Newark International Airport en route to San Francisco.

Trump recognized the courage of the 40 people who lost their lives when Flight 93 crashed into the field where a national park now sits. There is evidence that those on board had been told by phone calls with loved ones of the attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon that morning.

In their final moments, the passengers and crew determined that their aircraft’s course was likely to be reversed by the hijackers toward Washington, DC and made a decision to sacrifice their lives in order to prevent it.

As of press time, the video is approximately halfway down AlwaysActions’s Twitter timeline.


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