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(Aug. 17, 2018) — Someone out there knows the truth…, the whole truth…, and nothing but the truth, and is preparing to “go public.”  No, it is not likely you, O faithful reader of The P&E.  Read on.

That “someone” is not likely one of the “big names” associated with the Deep State… names like Obama, Clinton, Rice, Abedin, Comey, Strzok, Ohr, Brennan, Lynch or Clapper, although most of them know “the whole truth,” but are desperately trying to keep it buried.  Instead, the “someone” being addressed in this post is that individual who, up to this point in time, has either been afraid to come forward lest he/she be pilloried, lampooned or, worse yet…, “neutralized.”  Think “Seth Rich.”

The “someone” at issue is an individual who has now witnessed – like the peeling back of the layers of an onion – the completely Machiavellian, unprincipled and unfathomable deceit and corruption of those in positions of power within the Deep State.

And if you think that creature does not exist, stop drinking Kool-Aid and switch to highly caffeinated coffee.   These are the denizens of the Beltway now fighting like crazy to politically “neutralize” the President of the United States because he is not the one they had anointed to hold the office following the departure of the Second Usurper of the United States Presidency (Chester A. Arthur likely being the first).

These are also the hominid scorpions intent upon protecting to the death “their turf” from the likes of an “outsider” like Trump.  Much like Gordon Gekko (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVxYOQS6ggk), who argued that “greed is good,” the Deep State’s mantra is: “the swamp is good.”

Respectfully, no, it isn’t.

Image credit:  Pixabay, Creative Commons

Unlike the Beltway denizens, the “someone” to whom this post is directed is an American – native born, naturalized or natural born – who now, at long last, realizes that he/she has been duped for far too long and who has had enough of the “sedition-lite” being peddled by the mainstream media and Beltway elitists who believe…, no…, who knowthat unless they can stop the draining of their swamp undertaken by President Trump, their days of corruption, graft and brie are numbered.

It is said that the truth will always emerge, given enough time.  That “time” is now upon us.

This post is in effect an “open letter” to “someone” out there who now works or may have once worked for one or more of the denizens.  Perhaps they still work for one of the denizens…, or their consulting firms…, or their law firms…, or the agencies or departments overseen by the denizens.  But the time has come for that “someone” to come forward with whatever information they might have bearing on the corruption and deceit now undermining our nation, because if that “someone” has the courage to now come forward, it is a virtual certainty that many other “someones” will also come forward.

The information from that “someone” or similarly-situated others might take the form of, for example, the contents of the 30,000+ emails Hillary Clinton ordered BleachBitted into oblivion while still subject to congressional subpoena.  The information might relate to personal e-mail exchanges between Hillary Clinton and a pseudonym-cloaked Barack Obama in the days leading up to the Benghazi attack.  Who knows, it might even include information from Kenya or the Hawaii Department of Health bearing upon the bona fides of Monsieur Obama’s purported status as a “natural born Citizen.”

The point is this: with the Deep State and its apparatchiks now doubling down on the effort to remove Donald Trump as President – or failing that, to cripple his efforts to drain the swamp that, in fact, has become the District of Columbia – the most likely way of combating that effort would now appear to be an appeal to that “someone” who is possessed of the “smoking gun” to come forward, the perils of doing so aside.  That “someone” may be the first, but he/she will not be the last.

Perhaps that “someone” is or was a secretary in the American Law Division of the Congressional Research Service.  Perhaps that “someone” is or was a paralegal at a powerful, influential DC law firm.  Perhaps that “someone” is or was an official at the Kapi’Olani Hospital in Honolulu.  The list of potential individuals could go on and on.  The bottom line, however, is this: much as the Deep State is attempting to undermine the present administration – aided and abetted by a Fourth Estate that long ago jettisoned even a remote semblance of objective journalism – that “someone,” in turn, has the ability to undermine and perhaps even cripple the Deep State.  It is a house of cards in search of an earthquake.

The effort by the Deep State to actively and/or surreptitiously undermine President Trump comes close to sedition, perhaps for now best described as “sedition lite.”  On the other hand, the effort by that “someone” to undermine the nefarious objectives of the Deep State is best described by a different term: “patriotism.”

So, now that you have finished reading this post, go read (1) “The Russia Hoax” by Greg Jarrett, and (2) “Death of a Nation” by Dinesh D’Souza.  Both are mandatory reads for those who care about the future and preservation of the United States of America.  Oh, and vote carefully in November…, I channeled the Founders last night, and they told me to relate that advice to you.

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  1. With all due respect “that someone” who can have all revealed, currently holds the position of President of the United States of America.

  2. Huma Abiden for one probably knows everything. Why haven’t we heard much about her lately.
    She should be up before a Grand Jury. She could be made to talk and our leverage would be that her family has connections to the muslim brotherhood. She either talks or goes to prision.

  3. Edward Snowden exposed what’s being exposed now, but the only reason he’s still breathing is because he escaped the tentacles of the Deep State.
    He tried to go up the chain of command and only made it out by the skin of his teeth.
    When I was in the Navy I was ordered to leave my post while I was on guard duty (which I documented the in the log book) and I almost got Court Martial for it, so being a whistle blower is a very dangerous and precarious position, to say the least.
    I wouldn’t be holding my breath about someone spilling the beans, since even the Witness Protection Program is run by the Feds who are, as we’re learning every day, corrupt beyond the most imaginative Hollywood screenwriter.