NFL: The National Felon League


by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2018

(Aug. 10, 2018) — Left-wing National Football League players and leaders are showing up again as the left-wing National Felon League.

It is sad that many NFL players have chosen un-American in choosing to reject our National Anthem, a symbol of the American flag.  The NFL appears to represent the National Felon League.

Our precious Constitution is and was inscribed by our Founding Fathers based on Judea-Christian values.  Our public schools are now failing to teach our children our Constitution and common-sense English Law.

A majority of public high school graduates as well as college and university grads will fail a simple test on our Constitution.

Americans are being taught to invite “Islamic”’ Muslims into the USA.  Are Islamic teachings and values disobedient to Judeo-Christian values?  For those who fail to understand “disobedient,” this means Islam is opposing Judeo-Christian values.

Islamic Muslims openly declare they are going to destroy America:  our Judeo-Christian values, our Bible, and our Constitution. The plan is to replace America with Islam, the Quran, and Sharia Law.

I fail to understand why Capitol Hill Democrats and a few Republicans support Islamic Muslims and oppose Judeo-Christian values.  Wake up!  Listen now!  If you like Islam, you must dislike Judeo-Christianity and vice-versa.

Read and learn of the rapes, assaults, and killing of Infidels:  Americans, Jews, and all others who oppose Islam and Islamic Muslims.

Is there a relationship between Islamic Muslim communities and the National Felon League?

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