by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 1, 2018) — At approximately midday on Wednesday, America First Media Group (AF-MG) founder Matt Couch retweeted an earlier tweet from President Donald Trump in which Trump might have acknowledged a Sunday broadcast conducted by Couch, an associate, and an anonymous source called “Luke.”

AF-MG has been conducting its own investigation, separate from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, into the death of DNC Data Director for Voter Registration Seth Rich just over two years ago.

The 27-year-old Rich was shot twice in what the police have termed a “botched robbery attempt.” However, “Luke,” who claims to have been a Justice Department informant beginning in 2004, said that his later interaction with the two perpetrators of the crime revealed an intentional killing for the sake of obtaining a thumb drive which Rich allegedly carried with him at all times.

During the two-hour broadcast, Luke, Couch, and associate Bill Pierce agreed that Luke and his family are in extreme danger given that Luke has divulged information to them in order to protect their safety. As an example, Couch acknowledged that during his organization’s late March trip to Washington connected with its investigation, Luke informed them that their movements were under surveillance, prompting AF-MG members to change their hotel reservations “at the last minute.”

Also on the show, Pierce said that one day when he left the hotel to buy lunch for the group, an unidentified “private investigator” was positioned outside.

According to Couch, his organization consists of a number of former law-enforcement professionals, including one, Frank Whelan, with 20 years as an NYPD detective.

During the early part of the show, Luke claimed to have personally met Lisa Page, the former FBI attorney who exchanged politically-laden messages with former FBI Counterintelligence Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. The texts demonstrated an animus toward Trump as the FBI closed out its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and embarked upon the Trump Russia “collusion” probe which has yet to be substantiated by credible intelligence.

In his recollections of Page, Luke had described her as “lovely,” a word Trump included in his tweet and of which Couch took note. Luke commented that although portrayed as a bad actor within the FBI given the texts, Page is in reality not only “lovely,” but also professional and intelligent.

Toward the end of the broadcast, Couch asked that listeners contact members of the House Intelligence Committee to request urgent witness protection for Luke, something Couch said his group has already attempted unsuccessfully.

Last Thursday, members of the House of Representatives went home to their districts for the August recess and to ramp up their campaigns for the midterm elections. They are not expected back in Washington until September 4.

To this writer’s knowledge, Trump has never referred to any of the figures associated with the Russia collusion investigation as “lovely.” On the contrary, both on Wednesday morning and on scores of other occasions, Trump has railed on Twitter about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s alleged conflicts of interest to conduct the investigation, his perception that political bias against him existed within the FBI and Justice Department prior to his election, and his view that Strzok should not have worked on Mueller’s team after he himself came under investigation by the DOJ Inspector General.

On June 14, the IG produced a 568-page report in which he stated that Page and Strzok’s text messages were troubling and indicated a bias on the part of the agents against an individual whose campaign they were investigating. At the same time, however, the IG concluded that the FBI’s closing of its investigation without referring Clinton for criminal prosecution was not politically-motivated.

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