by Sharon Rondeau

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(Jul. 29, 2018) — At approximately 9:50 AM EDT on Sunday, America First Media Group (AF-MG) founder Matt Couch tweeted that he will be holding an open presser within several hours.

On Saturday, Couch posted a series of videos consisting of an oral press release which may or may not have been current and other information associated with his organization’s investigation of the Seth Rich murder occurring just over two years ago in Washington, DC.

In his tweet this morning, Couch wrote, “Today at 1pm EST and 12pm CST I’ll be LIVE with Luke Anon, one of our sources in the Seth Rich Investigation. We’ll clear some things up from the Press Conference, and I encourage all of you to tune in. We’ll be LIVE on all of our platforms. .

“Luke Anon” is likely an alleged witness with whom Couch’s investigators have reportedly interacted over a period of months who spoke at a July 10, 2018 press conference arranged by Couch and Republican attorney/lobbyist Jack Burkman.  The presser was attended by several prominent left-leaning media outlets whose reporters appeared skeptical of “Luke’s” allegation that he knows who was responsible for firing the two shots which killed Rich on the morning of July 10, 2016.

Following the July 10 presser, Couch expressed his dismay that it apparently did not go as planned, and AF-MG and Burkman appear to have parted ways based on an article issued the next day.  Couch said he had planned to present the information himself but was unable to travel to Washington due to a recent hospitalization.

The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department claimed early on that Rich, then Data Director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was killed as a result of a “botched robbery attempt,” an explanation the mainstream media has been quick to accept and unwilling to probe given the lack of leads, press conferences, or apprehensions in the case.

Couch frequently uses Periscope TV, Twitter’s broadcast medium, to update his followers on the Rich investigation and other matters in which his group is involved.


Update, 12:18 p.m. EDT:  A few minutes ago, Couch tweeted the following:


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