by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 28, 2018) — At approximately 7:15 PM on Saturday evening, Matt Couch of America First Media Group (AF-MG) issued what we believe to be a dated Periscope “press release” on his organization’s investigation into the death of former DNC Data Director Seth Rich.

Periscope is the broadcast platform on Twitter.

In the release from last year, Couch said he would be requesting of Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser the policy of police-worn body cameras in effect on the day that Rich was fatally shot near his home.

Couch then posted several more videos in his Twitter feed on the investigation, one of which he reported was made at “the bike rack” dedicated to Rich and located outside DNC headquarters.

Topics of the videos include “Watch on : BREAKING: Same Clinton Attorney hired Crowdstrike for DNC and Fusion GPS …” and “Watch on : BREAKING Dov Friedman Seth Rich Roommate Tied to John Podesta emails and more! # SethRich.”

It was not immediately clear if the videos contain information not released previously.

Another tweet links to a July 11, 2018 article by “Hannibal Moot” summarizing a press conference held the day before by attorney and lobbyist Jack Burkman which AF-MG found troubling, although having coordinated with Burkman to hold the presser.

As Couch has mentioned in the past, no DNC member other than former chairman Donna Brazile has expressed outrage, sorrow, bewilderment, or any question at all relative to Rich’s brutal killing in the early hours of July 10, 2016, reportedly by two gunshots.




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