Carl Gallups Attributes Obama Birth Certificate Release to Donald Trump


by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 4, 2018) — In an interview Wednesday with musician and pastor Caspar McCloud on his “Spiritual Encounter” show, radio host, author and pastor Carl Gallups was asked for a summary of the Obama “birth certificate” investigation which concluded that the image posted on the White House website in 2011 is a forgery.

McCloud begins the discussion at 52:40 in the broadcast here:

Gallups explained that then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio launched the 5+-year probe which concluded that “the document was an absolute fabrication.” (55:04)  “They proved it forensically,” Gallups continued, recalling the third press conference of the investigation wherein lead investigator Mike Zullo “demonstrated how the document was built from the ground up.”

Gallups said that the two forensic analysts revealed at the presser as having reached the same conclusion as had Zullo years before provided “signed affidavits” of their findings.

“None of this proves where he was born; this never started as a ‘birther’ investigation,” Gallups told McCloud at 57:33. “It started as a forensic investigation of the only document that Obama has ever brought forward to say, ‘This is me,’ and they’ve proven that that document is a complete fabrication from the ground up.”

He said that “the big deal” about such a forgery is that there are “five federal crimes” associated with it.  “…There are all kinds of laws that have been broken.”

Gallups then tied “the FBI; the Department of Justice, particularly under Obama’s rule” and “the Deep State” to a lack of action on the birth certificate forgery while Obama was in office.  “This thing has been proven; they’ve got all the forensic evidence; it’s all in affidavit form; it’s ready to get before the courts or Congress or a real DOJ and a real FBI.  And also, the man that’s in the White House is the man that got the fake document put up there in the first place:  Donald Trump.”

Further, Gallups opined that if Trump is re-elected to a second term, “that’s when it’ll all bust forth.”  He added that he believes it is possible that it “might happen before then as he is disclosing the Deep State…”

McCloud responded that Gallups’s revelations are “astonishing” and asked him to say a closing prayer.



4 Responses to "Carl Gallups Attributes Obama Birth Certificate Release to Donald Trump"

  1. Glenn Harrison   Friday, July 6, 2018 at 9:43 PM

    Since Team Arpaio did the hard work in conducting the investigation and at this time they don’t feel it is wise to reveal the total evidence at this time, I trust their judgement.

    Moreover, when they do release it, will others continue to be observers or actually get involved in supporting their efforts? In the meantime, let’s keep plowing and planting seeds.

  2. James Hathaway   Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 5:57 PM

    My take on this is Gallup’s is conceding that nothing will be released before 2021.

    What happens if Trump is not re-elected?

    If the experts’ evidence is released now Trump can begin to tweet it. That puts it in the national conversation.

    If not now then after the November elections.

  3. jim delaney   Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 12:08 PM

    Well, we’ve waited this long, so I guess we can wait a little longer. Very disappointing the truth has yet to be publically and loudly exposed. Distressing.

  4. Nikita's_UN_Shoe   Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 9:52 PM

    Concerning the putative presidency of B. HUSSEIN Obama, there’s not a smidgen of Constitutional legality, despite the DNC issuing two certification nomination documents for the interloper.

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