by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 29, 2018) — On Friday morning, Fox News reported that contrary to a report from the evening before wherein host Tucker Carlson said that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is resigning imminently, Kelly reportedly has no plans to leave.

In a readout of the day’s headlines just after 7:00 a.m., Jillian Mele of Fox & Friends said that “rumors” that Kelly has tendered his resignation are inaccurate, according to Kelly and President Trump.

Neither Turner nor the show’s three co-hosts offered an explanation as to why the network had reported Kelly’s impending departure on Thursday night or the source of that information.

Further complicating the narrative is a Fox News article published earlier on Friday morning which expresses Kelly’s departure as a question, citing The Wall Street Journal as its source.

“Possible new White House shakeup,” reads the latter part of the article’s title.

In its article, The WSJ cited “people familiar with the matter” as its source of the information.

Also on Thursday night, Fox News reported on-air that the suspect in the murder of five Capitol Gazette journalists in Annapolis, MD on Thursday afternoon had purposely “mutilated” his fingers so as to make his identification by police more difficult.  On Friday morning, an Annapolis police officer declared that report “false” on Fox & Friends.

The Fox News report containing that information remains online and reads, in pertinent part, “Law enforcement initially had a problem identifying the suspect because he had mutilated fingers, Fox News has learned.  However, it was unclear if they were self-mutilated, resulted from injuries during the shooting or were longstanding injuries.”





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