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by Sharon Rondeau

Why are there different versions of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate?

(Jun. 16, 2018) — In the second portion of the June 15 “Freedom Friday” radio show, host Carl Gallups connected Hillary Clinton’s confidence that she would win the 2016 presidential election to the machinations of high-ranking FBI and DOJ officials shown in an inspector general’s report released Thursday.

In the report, FBI counterintelligence deputy Peter Strzok and his then-paramour, FBI attorney Lisa Page, exchanged text messages in which Strzok said he intended to “stop” Donald Trump from winning or taking office if elected.

In the case of the latter, Strzok texted that an “insurance policy” might be invoked.  Page, who resigned in May, was a legal adviser to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired in March for allegedly lying during sworn testimony to investigators on the inspector general’s team.

Gallups then played a recording of Clinton’s challenge to her opponent, Donald Trump, to “respect the results of this election.”  “By doing that, he is threatening our democracy,” Clinton contended at a rally several days later.  “In our country, we know the difference between leadership and dictatorship,” she declared.

Gallups pointed out that Clinton was not a gracious loser after results showed Trump the winner in the early hours of November 9, 2016, which he said made her “a threat to democracy.”  Gallups excoriated the efforts of the “Deep State” to help her win.  “That’s what the whole Mueller investigation is about; that’s what the whole FBI texting is about…that’s what the whole Deep State is about…because they just knew she was going to win, Mike,” he said.

Guest and former detective Mike Zullo, who conducted a five-year probe into the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website in 2011 and concluded it is fraudulent, responded that “creditable” information he received from a former confidential informant and former CIA contractor, Dennis Montgomery, demonstrated that an “intervention” had been carried out “with the use of CIA computer systems” to ensure Clinton’s victory.  When she was announced the loser, the response was shock which continues to this day.

“Whatever plan they had didn’t work out; it went awry,” Zullo said. “She wasn’t expecting this and that’s why she was basically incoherent for 24 hours.”

Gallups, who is also a Baptist pastor, opined that although Clinton was “basically trying to inoculate the country” after what she presumed would be Trump’s loss, “the Lord God himself intervened.”

Zullo responded that the inspector general’s report, which he described as “watered-down,” is “just like the Obama certificate.  Nobody wants to deal with the crisis that this is going to cause, so they’re trying to just kind-of sweep this slowly out of public purview, put it out under the rug and ‘Let’s move on from this’; it isn’t all that bad.  Well, that’s not the truth.”

Zullo then predicted that “the actions of that woman, the actions of that campaign, the actions of Obama, the actions of the NSA, CIA, FBI — it’s all going to come out, and everybody that tried to go to Congress, tried to go to the FBI with this birth certificate issue; that door was closed from the day he picked up his hand,” which Zullo said is evidence of “Deep-State activity.”

Gallups predicted that Trump will not mete out “mercy” to those who have been “trashing” him and attempting to delegitimize his presidency.

The segment concluded with Zullo saying that Donald Trump has not forgotten about the birth certificate, the absence of which Trump was the first to question publicly in the months before it was released.  “That birth certificate — trust me — I know from inside sources that has never left his memory,” Zullo said.


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  1. I had Mike Zullo on speaker phone in my congressman Burgess office with another staffer as I was showing the congressman problems with the narrative of Barry/Barack Soetoro Obama. Mike explained what happened at the National Archives losing the specific dates of records Sheriff Arpaio was seeking.

    What this did was two things,
    A. confirmed the Sheriff’s phone lines and collaborators were tapped because this specific knowledge was known by known people
    B. confirmed the Obama narrative is false—why hide everything?
    C. confirmed the corruption that knows no bounds destroying evidence of public record. No federal record can be trusted when the system is violated and and false data planted for federal use to sustain the massive corruption.

    What I learned from this meeting is congress is for the most part useless. We had to elect a new president outside Washington to find justice. Ironically, we are still looking and working for that but it appears the wheels are inching that way. What the corrupt part of the federal government lacks is God.

  2. History revisited. This is how the first CRS Memo surfaced to the public (which was circulated secretly to members of Congress in the spring of 2009) in response to the Kerchner et al vs Obama and Congress et al lawsuit. It was leaked to Atty Mario Apuzzo by a congressional staffer who thought he should know about it since he was bringing the lawsuit against Obama, Congress, and others and it was working its way through the appeals court on the way to the Supreme Court. See: http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2010/11/members-of-congress-memo-what-to-tell.html and https://www.scribd.com/doc/41131059/crs-congressional-internal-memo-what-to-tell-your-constituents-regarding-obama-eligibility-questions Subsequent to the reveal of the secret first one, which circulated secretly to members of Congress so they were all on the same page in responding to constituents communications about the hue and cry about Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility, two additional ones were created for Congress. And it is correctly stated that these CRS Memos were full of misinformation to the members of Congress and by commission and omission. But imo most members of Congress if at not all in both political parties were quite willing to use the misinformation to hide behind and duck the issue of confronting Obama’s lack of Article II constitutional eligibility. The FIX was in on this subject by both political parties: https://cdrkerchner.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/i-believe-the-fix-was-in-for-the-2008-election-and-the-cover-up-is-still-going-strong-the-perfect-storm-for-a-constitutional-crisis/ The 2nd and 3rd were made public immediately. Subsequent to Atty Apuzzo getting the copy via a FedEx package and his blogging about it on his blog, it was then picked up a few days later by World Net Daily and published to a wider audience. CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) – ProtectOurLiberty.org