Hanging on by a Thread


by Fredy Lowe, ©2018

(Jun. 6, 2018) — Although there are but a handful of you who will recognize this very appropriate title, for this writer it was a song lick by a folk/rock band called the Fabulous Farquahr, that my wife Pat and I first met in an aprés ski pub, called Fat City, in Wilmington, VT in 1968, and became faithful fans of this popular club band as they played in New York City, Cape Cod, and in and around the New England area for many years.

Having shared that, and as we all so often do, while in the shower this morning, out of nowhere came, ...All my thoughts are just like waves that wash upon the shore, rushing in, breaking up, then gone forever more. De, de, det, det…Hanging on by a thread I’m living on a yesterday… Suddenly, whilst still in the shower mind you, I was overcome by the reality – yes, I am! Yes, we all are! Hanging on by a thread, living on a yesterday!

We can love the old music, even sing in the shower, and of course always remember to dance; but, it is also time when we must stop fooling ourselves with another form of dancing, or better yet sidestepping around the truth. The truth is that the radical community organizer Barry Soetoro, aka: Barrack Hussein Obama was and will always be a usurper. A fraud. Call him a Manchurian candidate, if you’d like, but he is the Resistance Leader behind every move that is being made to have President Trump removed from office.

This is not to suggest that it was Barry who first brought fraud and corruption to Washington, DC. No, that is the way business has been done long before he was ever born (don’t go there because it’s immaterial today). But, when there is this monumental degree of corruption at the highest levels of government, everybody below him has the newly-found opportunity to be crooked, with little to no chance of ever being caught. Which, by the way, is why the moniker for Hillary fits so well. She and Bill saw this as an opportunity of a lifetime to become rich beyond their wildest imagination. We’ll come back to my ‘little chance of being caught’ later, but for now: When everyone on Capitol Hill knows that the boss is a fraud, they have but two choices: tell or join. Wherein less than 10% were too afraid and chose silence, the other 90% of our elected representatives chose the ill-gotten monies to keep his secret and joined! Although, billions of dollars were at stake, their individual price of joining The Big Club could be compared to selling one’s soul, where joining meant forfeiting their honor, integrity and truthfulness, and Barry and his deep state operatives now owned each of them, lock, stock and barrel. The enemy of our representative government was now fully entrenched within the palace gates.

As we fast forward to our post-election world, the deep state was blindsided by Donald Trump’s victory. Their time-tested fraudulent voting system was running at maximum speed for her. Illegals were given the right to vote. We now find that they planted highly-experienced spies inside his campaign. The GOP Establishment fought against him. Every Democrat fought against him. The Mainstream Media fought against him. It seemed as if everyone in the entire world was fighting against him, and yet he defeated them all because of you, and every other person who still loved America and was with him.

And so, still in the state of shock, they were forced to roll out their insurance policy to have Trump impeached, by bringing a Special Counsel headed up by Robert Mueller, a former FBI Director and experienced prosecutor, who knew from the very beginning this was never meant to be a criminal investigation, but a means by which they could generate a negative report against President Trump in which Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could then present to Congress as a basis for his impeachment. The upcoming mid-term elections could not be more important, especially because all of their illicit deals can be put right back in place, if they can stop him and his darn America First agenda.

When Hillary indicated that, if he wins we will not only lose all our money but we will all hang by nooses, she was not simply referring to all her associated scandals like The Clinton Foundation (pay to play), EmailGate (espionage), or the UraniumOneGate (the real Russian Collusion). No, she was referring to the fact that…Every. One. Knew… Barack Hussein Obama was a fraud. Why do you think weak-kneed John Boehner retired early? Why is Lying Ryan retiring now? Why are forty-seven (of the aforementioned 90%) of our senators and representatives retiring? They are doing their best Potomac two-step to get outside the limelight, hoping that having their names being once-removed from the action will save them. And, we in turn hope they are wrong! Where, in the end, the Forgotten Man wins, and they, finally lose.

But, where does all this leave us today?

While President Trump ignores the hateful propaganda all around him as he goes about keeping his promises to Make America Great Again, like no other president before him, with a much needed tax reform, a robust economy, 3.8% unemployment, an unheard-of 4.8% GDP, getting us out of the fake global-warming Paris Accord, the costly, foolish Iranian nuke deal, and most recently it looks as if the loophole money-deals of NAFTA are on the ropes, and as the summit is now back on again for June 12th, the potential for a North Korean disarmament and peace after 65 years may again come to the Korean Peninsula, and so much more…

As much of this goes on in the foreground, many of us have been focused on the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) report, which has now been delayed again, this time until June 11th. We have now waited for over seventeen months for IG Horowitz’s findings of the improprieties within the FBI/DOJ, allegedly for their handling of the Clinton email investigation, which was primarily for the purpose of keeping Barry’s secret and to protect the criminal cabal headed up by Hillary and Bill Clinton. So in the big picture, another week or so won’t really matter.

What does matter, though, is what happens – within a reasonable period of time – of this report finally being released.

There is one possible outcome of the OIG report which could optimistically be based on the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his boss, President Donald J. Trump, have known everything all along and, as masterful strategists, are just playing out their hand. They will instruct US Attorney John Huber, who has been conducting a parallel investigation to IG Horowitz, to begin the indictments and arrests of a few of the lowest-hanging-deep-state-fruit, many of whom already have deals in place to turn state’s evidence and thereby minimize their exposure to a life in prison.

But, between now and October, when US Attorney Huber comes for the higher tier players, don’t lose sight of the fact that things could get ugly early knowing that none will go quietly into handcuffs. Think false flags. Think of the thousands of foot soldiers within Organizing For America. Think chaos. And, by the time they come for Hill, Bill, Barry and Co, life as we know it could come completely unglued and, if sitting is still an option, you and I will have one-heck-of-one in the front row. We can only pray that our world-class-strategists have taken this into consideration and they too have a counter-plan in place to slow down, if not prevent any of it from happening.

There is also the sad reality-of-life-possibility for a second outcome of the OIG report which could be that “Nothing will Happen!” Don’t lose sight of the potential above, making for a strong possibility that “Nothing” is their final answer – for the good and safety of the country. Oh sure, possibly a few token resignations and arrests, but Barry, Hillary, Bill, Lynch, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Yates, McCabe, Baker, Strzok, Page and so many others were right from the get-go. So, back we come to why they joined, for there was little to NO CHANCE of being caught. And, in the end, they all simply walk away. And in the end, there were too many of them and too few of us, and the deep state was too big to jail. And, then what do we, the American People do, which of course is a valid concern. But, the real question is – knowing what we know in our hearts – what will we have become?

Pray for the United States of America. Pray for our President Donald J. Trump, and keep him always safe.

Just like a fish in the net, I’m fighting to be free again, for all my thoughts are just like waves that wash upon the shore, rushing in, breaking up, then gone forever more. Hanging on by a thread…

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  1. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 8:31 AM

    Government-citizens 08-28-08- TODAY: RELYING ON LYING

    Private-citizens, of course, must demand THE TRUTH, but where is AG Jeff Sessions?

    So, it seems, as this fine article postulates, a summer show-down is forming in DC.

    Will it be JUSTICE per prescribed law, or will it be same old, same old VENTERTAINMENT?

    My wager is that Trump is going to kick down the doors and drag out ATTORNEY-CRIMINALS Sessions, Comey, Lynch, COC Holder, McCabe, Barry and Michelle, Rosenstein, The Arkansas RICO HillBillies, Yates, From-jail-plans-to-NJ-Senator-plans Menendez and other STATE-LICENSED ATTORNEY-CRIMINALS.

    Until justice is equally applied on BOTH SIDES OF THE POTOMAC, America’s future remains compromised for private-citizens.

    When is the American BAR Association going to help Trump put the DC gang of attorney-criminals BEHIND-BARS?

    STOP the awful fail time><START the lawful jail time by arresting state-licensed ATTORNEY-CRIMINALS!

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