by Sharon Rondeau

Investigative Journalist and Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter

(May 31, 2018) — Just after Sean Hannity’s opening monologue on Thursday night, investigative journalist John Solomon and Sara A. Carter each announced breaking news stories expected on Friday concerning the Hillary Clinton private email server investigation and alleged Obama White House attempts to interfere in the FBI’s probe in that investigation.

Solomon said that he has reviewed hundreds of pages of FBI documents showing that the Obama White House was allegedly involving itself politically in the FBI’s probe, which ended in the summer of 2016.  On July 5, 2016, then-FBI Director James Comey announced at a solo press conference that he would not recommend charges against the former Secretary of State and then-Democrat presidential candidate.

According to Carter, angry FBI agents “were throwing food at the TV” out of anger as Comey delivered his remarks at the presser which roundly condemned Clinton for being “extremely careless” but not criminally negligent in her handling of classified material over the private and unauthorized server.  Some agents, Carter said, left their offices that day and did not return “until the following week.”

Solomon also said that the Justice Department’s inspector general’s much-anticipated report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton server probe is expected to be made public very soon.

Carter added that a number of FBI agents are prepared to come forward about what they said they observed of the Clinton investigation under Comey.


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  1. Similar to Glenn Harrison — Thank You for serving — while serving in the Army as a junior enlisted, Specialist 5th Class (E-5), we had the same saying…”Rank Has Its Privileges”(RHIP).

    Working as an electronic technician on a nuclear capable weapon system I had a Top Secret Need To Know Clearance and knew because, like Glenn, I signed a document stipulation that I knew not to be careless with classified information and was fully aware of potential punishment if I were careless with classified information — Courts Martial, Dishonorable Discharge, Loss of Rank and Retirement Benefits, Imprisonment. Hillary Clinton signed a similar agreement when she accepted her appointment as Secretary of State.

    Suffice it for me to say that, in order to not violate the document I had signed, I once pulled my .45 out of its holster, pointed it directly at a 2-star General and told him I would shoot if he took one more step toward me because he was not on the “Need To Know” list for that day. After he left I got chewed out by my Commanding Officer but about a month later my Commanding Officer had to read a “Letter of Commendation” to me from that General at morning formation. :-)

    As Glenn pointed out, intent has nothing to do with it because intent is neither stated or implied in the applicable regulations. Hillary Clinton did indeed get a major pass…as major as I can imagine…a pass I also would never have been granted had I done less than her.

    Hoping the winds of change will eventually put Hillary Clinton where she rightfully belongs just for mishandling of highly classified information — in a Federal penitentiary cell for the rest of her life without the possibility of parole — is neither hateful or revengeful but, rather, a desire to see that no one is above the law.

  2. Some years ago while serving in the Marines as a junior enlisted, we had a saying that “rank had it’s privileges”. What is meant here is that senior Marines or Officers were given a pass for infractions where as the younger Marines were held accountable for miss deeds.

    While working in Logistics I received a Top Secret Clearance. I knew not to be careless with restricted information. Likewise, for fear of punishment I was fully aware how not to handle sensitive information…

    Hillary was way out of bounds in her treatment of classified information. She got a major pass. Her Mom and Pops computer in the bathroom and lack of safety standards of securing computers and classified information should have had her in chains and in a cell…

    As a junior enlisted fellow, my intentions to not to mishandle classified info wouldn’t have mattered. Hillary got a major pass I would have never have been granted…

    Who knows, perhaps the winds could change direction and Hillary can get a cell of her own making…