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by OPOVV, ©2018

(May 13, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to go for truth-in-the-news. Hello, my name is Mr. Roving Reporter and we’re here at Miss Bernard’s 6th grade class to give a history lesson on how the world works, which ought to be pretty fun. What do you say we go right on into the classroom and get started?

“Hello, Miss Bernard, and thank you for the invite. Gather around, little people, and I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a time, not too long ago, in our very own land – even in your own neighborhood – people used to walk on the sidewalks without the thought of being deliberately run over or the fear of being randomly knifed or your throat slit. Yes, it’s true. You were as safe from harm from a particular group of people as if you were strolling on the moon. Excuse us while we break for a commercial.”

The Stroll” (2:35)

“And then the Heathen Hoards were let out of their cage, spreading fear and destruction wherever they went. Ancient artifacts were wantonly destroyed; revered archeological sites were blown to smithereens; the past was rewritten for the expressed purpose to wipe out all logic; repetition spewed by the States’ propaganda machine, unending from birth until death: Islam is a vehicle for mind control.

“For the last 1,400 years evidence has been accumulating; crime after crime; decade by century by millennia, yet the proof of the misdeeds has largely been ignored by those who are easily swayed, not by logic, but by hysteria brought upon by complete denial of the facts. Maybe I’m not making much sense, so to explain it clearly I’ve brought along Professor Zorkophsky.”

“Thank you, Roving, for the kind introduction, but please call me ‘Zork’; no need to be so formal in this informal location. Hello, Miss Bernard and kids. What Roving was describing was what we psychologists describe as mass hysteria.

“The raising of hands is not allowed, sorry. ‘Mob rule’ we define as ‘group-think.’ Now the majority isn’t always wrong, but wrong enough, so when you cast your ballot, better think twice. Roving has asked me to explain stupidity, but rather than use words. I’ve brought some pictures that I’ll tape to the wall here.

“These photos are in not any particular order, I mean, just because Hillary is the first one that’s out of the folder doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s stupider than the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, or any of these others.

“So far what you’ve heard is what’s known as ‘groundwork,’ statements that open the door for the topic at hand: “Stupidity by Design.’  I know that it’s time for recess so I’ll make it as short as I can. Islam is to religion as a saw is to wood. A saw can cut many things, and one of them is wood. Islam has a thin veneer of wood that represents a pseudo-religion, which is just another way of saying that just because it’s called one thing, it may not be true. Islam, therefore, is many things: political and thought control that invades every nook and cranny of a person’s life. There is no freedom of speech in Islam; there is no criticism of Islam, constructive or otherwise.

“Here’s an example of thought control: ‘Islam is a peaceful religion.’ Not true: Islam is dirty old men treating women as disposable property; Islam is lies; and Islam is rivers of blood, starting with their own women being subjected to FGM. In short, Islam is political, and the ‘religion’ bent is to fool stupid people acting as the fifth column patsies in assisting Islam in its quest for worldwide domination.

“It’s the non-church-goers and the atheists who cry the loudest whenever someone calls for sanctions on Islam, crying ‘Freedom of Religion,’ as if that’s a meaningful point of debate, which it isn’t. But it gets the emotions stirred up, especially when the words ‘persecuted’ and ‘misunderstood’ are used in the same sentence. Democrats seem to have temper tantrums – you know what those are – whenever one suggests travel bans and sanctions against Muslims, as if trying to stay alive is a crime.

“Listen: Muslims among us isn’t healthy, okay? So when you go home tonight, tell your parents that the 22+ Afghan terrorist training camps have been moved to the USA, thanks to the DHS, the very government entity that’s supposed to keep them out. In short: we’ve been compromised, okay? Our government imports Muslims, thousands per day from every port of entry. From wharves to international airports and every border crossing, the DHS welcomes them with housing, spending money, Food Stamps, free medical; permits for armories (mosques) and mega-armories (mega-mosques). And this has been made possible because our forefathers once embraced ‘freedom of religion,’ which has morphed into a false crutch in promoting Islam as anything other than death to women, animals and enlightened people who embrace the one formula left for humankind to reach for the stars: The Golden Rule.

“In closing, I’d like to say there’s a murderous cult that goes by the name of ‘Islam’ whose lifelong members are known as Muslims, who have a generational track record – 1,400 YEARS — of murder. We hear of certain Muslims being on some police radar, or they were under surveillance, and yet our public officials seem surprised when nonbelievers end up dead via gun, knife, vehicle or everything else. Some lifelong members of this murderous cult pass themselves off as ‘moderate’ and blame the atrocities attributed to Islam as done by a few who ‘hijacked’ a peaceful religion, yet the overall track record of Islam is 1,400 years of mayhem, torture and death. You figure it out how to tell the lifelong members of a murderous cult who are ‘moderate’ from any who may not be as moderate, or which family is likely to conduct an ‘honor killing*of a daughter, sister, mother, female relative, or any female who may or may not have offended the murderer, such as a woman refusing a marriage proposal or a women who sang a song, or ‘looked at a boy.

“There, I’ve spelled it out for you: it’s up for you to decide if your government is protecting you as they tell you. And when someone uses the phrase ‘freedom of religion’ when referring to Islam: BEWARE, for they are lying right in your face. Thank you for being so attentive and quiet.”

“Well, little kiddies, wasn’t that a nice story? Molly, our sound-boom operator, is signaling us that our time has expired, so what do you say we thank Zork for explaining that when people say they’re going to kill you, pay attention and don’t act like the government by not paying attention, okay?

“We’re out of here, so thank you, Miss Bernard, for having us in your classroom to explain that Islam isn’t a religion but a crazed political philosophy that can’t coexist with anything else, including our Constitution. Goodnight, one and all.

“Another great show. Burger time: my treat.”

 [*honor killing: premeditated murder, otherwise known as MURDER ONE.]

I’m Gonna Miss Her” (3:21)


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  1. To rephrase a particular quote, for 1400 years we have not learned from our history, therefore we have been making the same mistakes for the past 1400 years.