by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2018

(May 3, 2018) — Daily, there is more to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s more improper and perhaps illegal activity.

Attorney General Sessions permitted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.

It turns out that Robert Mueller has loaded up his investigating team of assistants with an overwhelming number of other active Democrats; leading to an unjust and unequal political attack on President Donald Trump.

For more than a year, there is zero evidence of illegal activity in the Trump/Russia investigation. Robert Mueller has expanded the investigation but none toward Hillary Clinton and her political company.

There are multiple cases of evidence whereby 2016 Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton and others may have committed hundreds of felonies under federal laws; but no investigation of Hillary Clinton by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Based on The Hill report, House Republicans are alleging that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein “violated federal law by refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena over Congress’s efforts to obtain documents about FBI surveillance during the election, intentionally stalling document production for congressional investigations into possible government misconduct and failing to enforce key laws and protocols.”

“[Rosenstein] failed to act on the behalf of the Attorney General by properly supervising the administration of [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] by failing to demonstrate probable cause to believe that targets of surveillance were a foreign power or agents of a foreign power, that a significant purpose of the surveillance was to obtain foreign intelligence information, and that appropriate minimization procedures were in place,” according to the third charge.”

Sessions may lack the abilities, knowledge, skills, and determination to join President Donald Trump in “draining the swamp”; for cleaning up corruption in our federal government.

Sessions must act to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller or resign himself.

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  1. After the illegal judicial move to amend FRCP rules without Senate or Congressional vote in 1946, our rights were obfuscated to streamline judicial revenues and protect trial attorneys while obfuscating our rights to serve Criminal Presentments under Corporate Trust Law since the illegal 1946 Amendments done in the dark of night by judicial racketeers allowing the endless lawlessness that is perpetual in todays Culture Of Corruption operating in a Corporate Fiction and outside the written law of our founding fathers and their concern for our political safety from political criminals and public trustees that can no longer ever be trusted as their track record has shown nothing but corruption en-mass for decades, it has reached grotesque levels of completely out of control and is actually a comedy beyond belief while America dissolves and spirals into corruption at every state and federal level equaling 3rd world countries and is getting worse by the day from the Deep State Operatives. It is as if Trump never got to office as their plans with Hillary and other DNC Operatives was to destroy anyone or thing that didn’t fit their agenda and to resist any of the evil changes they had made to violating our Constitution as we knew it. Every government agency and our Military had been compromised by Obama and their minions and now they attack Trump at every turn still believing that Hillary is still in the POTUS lineup for their dirty deeds.

  2. It is painfully clear that the DOJ isn’t. He has been AWOL on this President Trump attack and it is beyond irritating. What always impresses me is the wealth in Washington and not lost in that impression is the wealth of cowardice and stupid that manages to grow with it.

    Washington is awash in detachment from the base. If they only knew or could understand from our point of view, those that elected President Trump this Meuller witch hunt would have been over before it started. The only reason it continues is the deep state is trying to protect themselves.